How's the anime adaptation?

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#1 by lemonov
2021-09-17 at 21:24
< report >What route does it adapt, does the story get butchered a lot? Since WA2 is the only one getting translated I can't read this one but I still want to know the story of the first game in some form before reading the second. I know they are not directly related, but still.
#2 by skrublordfey
2022-01-10 at 16:15
< report >This is a very late reply, but the anime's story is essentially completely rewritten from the ground up. It features elements of all 6 routes, but uses them in different contexts and adds a lot of original concepts, from new characters and plotlines.

The second half of the show is almost entirely anime original, only resembling the original in the surface level plot beats of the characters. The tone is also considerably different, with the anime having way less levity and upping the drama tenfold.

The two are very different stories, essentially. And that's because you can't really adapt White Album "as is". The game is structured like a dating sim and isn't written like most VNs today, having a calendar system filling the gaps between major story and individual character events.


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