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#1 by rude
2021-09-21 at 01:44
< report >Saying "wrong grammar" by adding a single comma, changing "whose" to "who's" and fixing Nozomi to Nozomu is not in anyway "wrong grammar" nor "wrong name" compared to how the original description was. Talk about being full of yourself. It's a massive improvement with grammar fixes.

A simple note that you corrected small mistakes would of sufficed. Not the bs you wrote. I may of saw the mistakes myself later on. Also, I had the right name order at first but wasn't sure how this site handles that. So I went with the English just in case.
#2 by Mrkew
2021-09-21 at 08:52
< report >
would of
would have*

may of
may have*Last modified on 2021-09-21 at 08:53


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