"Fat ones can be hot, too."

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#1 by historyeraser
2021-09-25 at 06:03
< report >[citation needed]

In all seriousness, list some in that thread or something if you wanna prove your point.Last modified on 2021-09-25 at 06:04
#2 by Yorhel
2021-09-25 at 06:12
< report >You're having trouble believing there are people who think chubby bodies are hot? Do you believe you can be convinced to find fat girls hot, if only someone posted the right examples?

Not sure what you're expecting, really...
#3 by vninfohata
2021-09-25 at 16:40
< report >Chubby bodies are fucking hot. And BBW too. Hence I recently translated a BBW eroge. Thanks, Ileca <3
#4 by historyeraser
2021-09-25 at 20:58
< report >Who's Ileca?
#5 by regisnex
2021-09-26 at 11:02
< report >No they can't


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