Which release should I play?

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#1 by historyeraser
2021-09-25 at 08:29
< report >There's like, a tons releases in the English section. Which is the best one?
#2 by beliar
2021-09-25 at 13:42
< report >If you are content to play online mayhap the Asenheim Project would work best for you (either the original or the DX) for compatibility reasons. Not sure if the uncensored patch was incorporated into the Asenheim versions or not, though considering that the patch itself is very buggy, maybe they chose not to do it...

VILE version allowed you to play DX in English, but the project was never finished, thus the existing version is very buggy. The latest version is wont to not show the last sentence in the textbox and the version before that is prone to crashes.

Any other version is a 16 bit program and won't play on a 64 bit machine at all. So you either need to use a VM, or a 32 bit OS (and the game is still very buggy on later 32 bit OSes).

Whatever the case, the 18+ patch for Misato's route re-instates the H-scenes, but at the same time removes a large portion of the non-H lines, making the route hard to understand. Kirara never got a patch, only an unlocker to view her scenes in the gallery.

Pick your poison.
#3 by poudink
2021-09-25 at 22:38
< report >Asenheim is good stuff. Gets a recommendation from me. Shame it's online-only, but oh well.


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