Is there a reason this VN isn't added?

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#1 by regisnex
2021-09-26 at 11:10
< report >Hello, i found this eroge/VN but no information about it on this site.
Is there a reason it isn't added or was it simply overlooked? I am very new so i dont want to just go ahead and add a new entry in case i missunderstood something.

The eroge:
linkLast modified on 2021-09-26 at 11:22
#2 by beliar
2021-09-26 at 11:45
< report >Does this even qualify as a visual novel? Dlsite labels it as a simulation game, and the screenshots show menus consistent with other simulation games where you grope/molest girls.
#3 by funnerific
2021-09-26 at 12:09
< report >Same question but about Actual Sunlight link

It's almost entirely text. The "gameplay" of walking around is minimal. Has its inclusion been considered yet?
#4 by beliar
2021-09-26 at 12:22
< report >I'll have to remind you guys that we have t7442.

We don't usually "consider" games for inclusion. We only get involved if someone adds a game and someone else objects to its presence and claims it's not a VN.

That said, I have absolutely no objections to adding Actual Sunlight to the db. Go for it.
#5 by regisnex
2021-09-26 at 12:54
< report >I played the game, 95% is basic visual novel with more than average choices
#6 by beliar
2021-09-26 at 12:57
< report >From the trial it does look like it's a VN, so if the later game follows the same format, it can be added.


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