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Fourteen 🎉

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#1 by Yorhel
2021-09-30 at 06:29
< report >Yup, it's that time of the year again. On this date, fourteen years ago, I uploaded the first version of this little website called "VNDB". Somehow it still exists and is still growing. Geez.

Like last year, I'll (ab)use this post to share a few yearly contribution statistics. I've made the graphs larger this time to emphasize the "still growing" part. After all, pixel is growth is also growth!

- Number of database edits per day.
- Number of newly created database entries per day.
- Monthly active contributors.

The first two graphs have been changed from "per month" to "per day, averaged per week" because spiky graphs are totally cute (but not cute enough that I'd remove the "averaged per week" part, that's a little too spiky for my tastes).
The last graph is new and was created in response to a recent discussion where the database's contribution health was brought into question. The graph shows how many people have contributed to the database over a 30-day period. What is interesting here is that more people are editing the database, but the number of "core" contributors has remained roughly the same over the years. That's a good sign, I hope, as it suggests there's more people around to provide quick hit-and-run fixes while we have a nice and stable core to ensure consistency.

tl;dr: We survived another year, you may get drunk now. 🎉
#2 by darkness-weaver
2021-09-30 at 06:36
< report >Happy Birthday VNDB and congratulation to Yorhel.
#3 by hinoe
2021-09-30 at 06:43
< report >I'm totally on the hit-and-run side of the fence. Hello there.

BTW @yorhel I need to hop onto IRC one of these days and have a word with you. Which time frames would be reasonably convenient (with a timezone in UTC offset, please)?
#4 by historyeraser
2021-09-30 at 06:49
< report >;)
#5 by Ninius
2021-09-30 at 06:56
< report >Happy birthday 🎉🎉
#6 by Nekosasami
2021-09-30 at 07:06
< report >Happy birthday!!
#7 by sandyt1602
2021-09-30 at 07:50
< report >🎊🎊🎉🎉🎂🎂🥳🥳 Happy Birthday 🥳🥳🎂🎂🎉🎉🎊🎊
#8 by Athenaxd
2021-09-30 at 07:56
< report >Happy birthday VNDB!!
#9 by tomtheerogeman
2021-09-30 at 08:09
< report >Happy Birthday!
#10 by NaioHoras
2021-09-30 at 08:29
< report >Happy birthday, VNDB!

I feel like the db has been more active after the reviews feature got implemented, so I'm also curious of how many users in involved discussion per day, or how many post in forum per day. are there graphs for that?
#11 by kratoscar2008
2021-09-30 at 08:30
< report >Congrats.
#12 by Yorhel
2021-09-30 at 09:43
< report >Two quick'n'dirty graphs for forum activity:

- Posts per day
- Posts per month

Hmm, I also feel like the boards have been more active lately, but the stats don't show a significant change. This doesn't include reviews and comments, but I don't expect those numbers to be very large.

(@hinoe: pm)
#13 by reason
2021-09-30 at 09:45
< report >Happy 14th!
#14 by Mrkew
2021-09-30 at 10:02
< report >link
#15 by NaioHoras
2021-09-30 at 10:17
< report >so I just manually counted reviews + comments from 29-8-21 to 29-9-21 with this link (what am I doing with my spare time...), and I got the total 349 posts, and that doesn't include new comments to older reviews.

so yeah, the reviews feature contribute a lot. and if we include reviews+comments, the graph would be significantly higher.
#16 by Yorhel
2021-09-30 at 10:20
< report >I'll post a better graph as soon as I stop sucking at SQL and gnuplot. :)
#17 by leafcascade
2021-09-30 at 10:29
< report >Happy birthday! Love all the features you've implemented over the years, even though it saddens me I'm too busy to contribute much. But I know it's all there when I do end up having spare time, and that's all that matters! Bless VNDB. :)
#18 by byu
2021-09-30 at 11:01
< report >Happy birthday!! keep up the good work 🎉🎉
#19 by HataVNI
2021-09-30 at 11:04
< report >Happy Birthday VNDB!
#20 by kinfuny
2021-09-30 at 11:09
< report >Happy Birthday!
#21 by masturbator
2021-09-30 at 11:12
< report >Happy birthday 🎉
#22 by Aresia
2021-09-30 at 11:42
< report >Happy Birthday to one of my most frequented site!
#23 by nanashikuhaku
2021-09-30 at 12:07
< report >Happy Birthday and more to come~!
#24 by substanceof
2021-09-30 at 12:34
< report >Aside from everything vn related, this site became my main example about how truly flexible and useful *db-like site should look like. Happy birthday!Last modified on 2021-09-30 at 12:35
#25 by ieee754
2021-09-30 at 12:41
< report >Happy Birthday!