add engine column when searching by release?

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#1 by aptx-4869
2021-10-02 at 02:22
< report >the releases search is kinda empty on the right. adding an engine column there should make it easier to know the engine instead of going into each release to check in cases you're searching by developer or maybe using the "my list" filter to check the engines of VNs in your list
#2 by poudink
2021-10-02 at 22:10
< report >Would be nice to be able to select columns for everything(-ish) like you can with VNs.
#3 by aptx-4869
2021-10-03 at 15:38
< report >This might be a better idea... since cover images for releases are on the wishlist, it would integrate well with the card and grid views already existing in VN search.

looking at members inside releases it seems that engine, resolution, and producer are the possible column additions. maybe voicing and animations too but idk about that.


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