Favorite Heroine?

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#1 by perch
2021-10-07 at 02:00
< report >Who's your favorite heroine?
#2 by Mrkew
2021-10-07 at 09:54
< report >How about I do this. Emi favorite main heroine, Tsubaki favorite side heroine, Momoko favorite joke heroine.
#3 by shvkot
2021-10-23 at 20:58
< report >30lvl, I choose gamer Tsubaki, Izumi Konatsu №2Last modified on 2021-10-23 at 22:44
#4 by git
2021-10-24 at 20:53
< report >damn, no wincest to vote
#5 by nishsin
2021-10-28 at 18:21
< report >Emi.....though if Momoko was a full heroine would probably likely have been her
#6 by riptos
2021-10-29 at 02:02
< report >Jeez, there I go picking an unpopular heroine again lol. Chinatsu is my number 1 for sure. Getting Konatsu as a package deal makes it even better <3
#7 by evinthomas123
2021-10-29 at 09:59
< report >It's so hard to choose between Emi and Hasumi >.< but I'll go with Emi
#8 by adelium
2021-10-30 at 10:54
< report >Why Momoko route ending feels so sad... She deserved more Last modified on 2021-10-30 at 11:01
#9 by notkanye
2021-10-31 at 04:03
< report >Poor Saki.. Her and Momoko got gypped.. Not only did all the other girls have full routes that didn't just last a day (or a night in Momoko's case) they also all got fan-disks giving them even more story without a lick of love for the side girls. Much Sadge.
#10 by lightdx
2021-10-31 at 06:04
< report >To be honest all heroines are quite good. but Emi is the cuttest heroine i have seen in a good while. I liked the twins a lot too though not as much.
#11 by forbiddenone
2021-11-02 at 01:15
< report >No love for Aki?
#12 by vioti
2021-11-23 at 04:34
< report >goddamnit momoka :(
#13 by alpalin
2021-11-23 at 23:37
< report >I tought Tsubaki would win but i guess i am biased since am around same age as her...
#14 by c2k
2022-01-01 at 05:08
< report >dammit after completing 4 main routes, I would vote for tsubaki if it weren't for momoko's side route
#15 by hanamidorikawa
2022-01-01 at 14:12
< report >Emi, and its not even close.
#16 by Dromor
2022-01-02 at 10:22
< report >I like saki
#18 by abandoned
2022-01-11 at 04:17
< report >Saki ftw
#19 by forever-here
2022-01-11 at 05:29
< report >I wanna say saki but then her mouth is just pure garbage. she's good 1 night stand but yeah. she belongs to the streets.

so my vote goes to Konatsu. because of course why wouldn't you.
#20 by afiefsky
2022-02-27 at 15:46
< report >Emi, I love how "a fool" she is, and she plays the role straight man very well, and a blonde too, which is my main reason for loving her the most
#21 by anothervnreader
2022-03-09 at 16:38
< report >Gotta say Emi. The MC has way more affinity with her than any other female character in the game. Played both routes and the way MC treats the loser in each is so different.
#22 by mizuki12
2022-03-10 at 09:54
< report >#21 can u tell/spoiler me what the different?Last modified on 2022-03-10 at 09:54
#23 by anothervnreader
2022-03-10 at 17:21
< report >#22 Yeah sure. I'll try to point everything I noticed, but there might be more details since I played this game a while ago.

First is the reason MC explains why he chooses who to stay:

-When choosing Emi, he explains that he choose her because "Everything is more fun when she is with him."

-When choosing Hasumi, he explains that he choose her because she knows him from so long that it'd be impossible for him to dissapoint her.
So I feel one of the answers is really genuine, while the other one is just the MC trying not to let down anyone.

When the main character gets home with Hasumi after choosing her over Emi, his little sister, Tsuki, looks surprised since she was certain his brother was going to choose Emi, and she lets him know this, but they passed it as a joke and never talk bout this again. However, I still take that as a hint that the chacacters know there's chemistry beetwen them.

-In Emi's route, everything is about knowing better each other, and Hasumi is pretty much a third wheel who's being pushed away from both characters.

-In Hasumi's route, it all felt like "I'll make you forget about your Ex with my body." Even though they were fake lovers, Hasumi's main goal is to fill your head only with thoughts of her to make you forget about everyone else.

-In Emi's route, MC is pretty cold towards Hasumi, and tells her that he's not going to do anything that would harm Emi. In the end, he ends up going in a date with her, only for exchange of information about his girlfriend.

-In Hasumi's route, Mc is asked to go shopping by Emi, and he nonchantaly accepts even though his little sister was waiting for him for dinner. This wouldn't mean anything, but in that same date Emi tells him that she hasn't get over him yet, and instead of telling her to give up (as he always do with Hasumi in Emi's route) he says he's not sure himself of what kind of relationshipo to have with her, but offers her to start with a "real friendship."

I haven't played the other routes yet, but I'd say for now that the writer had a kind of preference for Emi, so it felt (for me) that she was the main heroine and Hasumi was an alternative route. I mean, I know routes don't have to be the same, but c'mon, the treatment was so different that I constantly felt bad for Emi in Hasumi's route, while in Emi's route everything went as "expected", I guess.
#24 by mizuki12
2022-03-11 at 06:00
< report >Naruhodo
#25 by zizo33
2022-03-26 at 11:48
< report >the violence jokes and the athletic trope in the latter end of emi's route butchered it for me if not for it I'd have chosen her but I still enjoyed it though so I have to choose hasume her story is just so good makes u you feel so much for her and her spoiled character grows on you , tsubaki's route was also enjoyable she has a really warm sedating cuddly character.

all in all this vn struck gold with all characters I can't say I disliked any but I really did hate the violence jokes :D .
#26 by forbiddenone
2022-03-29 at 05:00
< report >Mmm, sweet violence.


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