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#1 by tikey
2021-10-07 at 22:41
< report >I'm having a very hard understanding this masterpiece.

The first thing I noticed, is the music is clipping. I thought I had issues with my laptop but then just figured out that the music is "supposed" to be like that? Some YouTubers praised it to be so amazingly good that they bought the physical release and I'm here with my ears bleeding.

Then I had a very hard time with the boring dialogs of the kids. The boy is bearable but the girl was awful to listen to. Just an annoying brat. I had just hoped that these characters won't be there all the time. I was shocked when the boy was so easily talking about his grandfather dying while having sex. I would understand if it was the medieval era but during aristocracy? And he looks like 12?

On another side note, characters using "Ahaha" and "Okay"? Internet and 20th-century words? way to take me out of that era using these alongside older words.

I was still bearing these hoping the story is amazing. Until I got into the first twist.

A girl you met 2 days ago comes to your room to kill you and your reaction is "I love you"? I know people have a hard time leaving toxic relationships but come on. Whatever boner you have for someone for 2 days won't justify that reaction.

Don't get me started on the white girl's backstory. I am sure a good artist would find at least some job if someone fired them. It's not like they cut off his hands. And killing a child of the people you are angry with is just beyond psychotic.

I had to turn it off and refund it at this point. As far I understand the target category are teen girls that enjoyed Life is Strange and this is a more edgy version of it?
#2 by n1er
2021-10-14 at 09:29
< report >Go off, King


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