Happy Reader All In One app

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#1 by spyolas
2021-10-08 at 07:57
< report >I found this all-in-one app Happy Reader at GitHub that among other things can launch, play, translate and catalog VNs.

My concern is regarding the fact that they pull all the data from VNDB (images and everything) and that can add up to more than 20GB as they say. So question is if VNDB is OK with that?
#2 by yorhel
2021-10-08 at 13:10
< report >That's okay. If it causes excessive server load I'd ask them to fix their own mirror, but for now that doesn't seem necessary.
#3 by spyolas
2021-10-08 at 14:45
< report >Good to know!
20GB seems a big number thus I was wondering but I guess not many people know or use this app.


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