Cannot play the game.. Can anyone help?

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#1 by omikron
2021-10-10 at 17:54
< report >Hi everyone!

I need help with this game. I cannot seem to run it...

I downloaded the game from MangaGamer and extracted the file.
I got the install application and an additional .bin file.
Its name:
Nyan Cafe Macchiato v 1.0.1 Setup-1a.bin

I ran the install app and installed the game.
Now, this is where it gets interesting.

After running the game I get a message window called ExHIBIT UAC Manager.
The message:
for windows 8 user

you can't save data because write permission is not owned by your account.
acmp.exe will execute for your solution when this dialog closed. please you grant permission to execute, if you are prompt for allowed.

BUT: I use Windows 10, not 8. On the product page at MangaGamer, the following operating systems are listed: Win7, 8 and 10.

Okay, next. Once I clicked "OK" the game's window pops up and an additional message called:
FCFile - open is shown.
Its content shows a file path leading into one of the game's folders, namely "userdata". The "file" that is mentioned at the end of the content's message starts with "udb" and is followed by MANY weird signs and letters.

But the only content this folder has is a text file called このフォルダにセーブデータが格納されています。 and it's empty.
That window comes with 2 options: First being "Retry", second being "Cancel".

I can click "Retry" as often as I want - nothing happens.
Once I clicked "Cancel" the window changes telling me it could not open said file "udb - something"...
That window only comes with the option "OK".
Now the previous message is displayed, again showing the same file path but instead of the "udb - something" the last part now has even more weird signs and somewhere in the middle it says "...g.system.dat..."
I once again can click "Retry" as often as I want, to no avail, or click "Cancel" which finally closes the entire game and all its text windows.


What is going on?

Thanks in advance!Last modified on 2021-10-11 at 07:04
#2 by ezezin
2021-10-10 at 22:10
< report >I can give you two possible solutions:
you can't save data because write permission is not owned by your account.
It's possible you installed the game in a write protected folder (for example "Program Files" in C:). The only solution for this is to re-install the game in another partition/folder. If you have only one partition, create a new separate folder in C: and install the game in there.

is followed by MANY weird signs and letters.
I doubt you would need this since it's an English release, but in case the first solution didn't work, change your regional system language to Japanese from control panel and/or install the Japanese language pack from the configuration app and try again (It's likely that you would need to restart windows and re-install the game for this to work).
#3 by omikron
2021-10-11 at 11:16
< report >Hi!

Thanks for your reply!
I did what you suggested in solution 1 and it worked. I install all my games on C: in one specific folder and none of those previously had problems being run.
This one did for whatever reason...
I re-downloaded the game and created a folder in the download section in which I then installed it, run it and it worked. No strange message windows prompting me to retry or cancel the process.
Thank you very much.

This, however, ruins my persoal order.. But I guess, I just have to live with that, don't I? :D


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