H-Code afloat mayhaps?

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#1 by pr0dukt
2021-10-14 at 09:43
< report >Pretty much as the title implies. I need a working H-Code to hook this mofo something fierce atm, even Textractor isn't able to properly hook this game with Nitro+ standard key patterns... Every hook I manage to track down manually through searches, ends up desynced from the present dialog about 3 text feeds back from what's on the screen at any given time. Which is annoying, needless to say.

In any case, Shit's driving me nuts. If someone managed to save a good h-code from their own findings or just happens to know where to find one, I'd be much obliged if you could share it here.. Really trying to get the closure i need to wrap up my recent muramasa binge in a satisfactory way. Shokuzai Hen is the last bit of content I have left to cover.. and like Janen Hen, it's very doubtful we'll ever see JAST put out an official trans release, and I'm not holding my breath for a fanslation release either.. getting through Janen with a hook was easy enough, I can't imagine Shokuzai being much more of a problem once I pin down this damn hcode. =\Last modified on 2021-10-14 at 09:45


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