About the link with Saimin Jikken

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#1 by ano
2021-10-16 at 08:49
< report >I just replayed the "after episode" that make a link with Saimin Jikken.
The exact hints are about a "senpai", living in a "temple", that got "2 girls" normally unreachable from hypnotism, and end his talk with "Namu" (and maybe I missed some other things).
Of course without knowing the links between #define and Staffing, that would not work as hints.

Now I can only hope that one day, they remember that in that episode, they mentioned the possibility of an "exchange" between the 2 protagonists, maybe not meaning swapping heroines, but at least just have them all together.
I don't know if Saimin Enbu would add to it, or if it's in the way for that though.


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