Why no friend/following system?

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#1 by kurruchi
2021-10-28 at 22:21
< report >As the website does have a social side to it with discussions and reviews, a following system should be implemented too. MAL and many other DB websites have slowly evolved, vndb not so much.

Don't know how many people would want this though. I know in the communities I'm in when I brought it up they thought it'd be a good idea.

I put a poll.
#2 by historyeraser
2021-10-29 at 00:26
< report >We don't need it. This is not a social media platform. I thought that would be obvious...
#3 by slashslayer
2021-10-29 at 14:51
< report >
This is not a social media platform.
VNDB having this system wouldn't automatically turn it into one either

that being said i don't particularly care for this function in this site since i think almost nothing would change with it anyway, VNDB already does well enough when it comes to social interactions. what i do think that should be prioritized and would enrich both the social side as well as the database one would be functions that would allow the users to increase customizations in their profiles, such as a profile description/about me, Cards/Grid display on their lists, a function to favorite characters or traits, maybe even staff/developers/seiyuu etc. this last item would already make VNStat a hundred times better and the profiles themselves much more informative
#4 by cubky
2021-10-29 at 15:17
< report >I come to this site to pick up porn games, not to mingle with other degenerates.
#5 by Latnemurtsni
2021-10-30 at 05:18
< report >But if we do implement it then Yorhel can be everyone's #1 friend, like Tom from Myspace.
#6 by darwin
2021-10-30 at 08:22
< report >But I want to stalk e-celebs on this site without having to visit their profile every few weeks or so. :(
#7 by pongcat
2021-10-30 at 16:43
< report >As an alternative, you could potentially keep bookmarks to your friends' lists, with the entries sorted by last modified. Example with your list.Last modified on 2021-10-30 at 16:44
#8 by historyeraser
2021-10-31 at 03:29
< report >link
#9 by c2k
2021-10-31 at 07:18
< report >nobody cares that kind of things in here. The website is made to be simple and not to be a complicated one like social media.

This website is not mean to find friends and stuff. Its only to vote, bookmark, review, and discuss about visual novel. If you want to socialize and have friends, join the discord channel of the publishers than having a feature in here. And also its more hassle to the devs if they put this one in the website
#10 by Yorhel
2021-10-31 at 12:13
< report >The real answer, of course, is because I have no friends and hence no reason to implement this.
#11 by slashslayer
2021-10-31 at 14:38
< report >and Yorhel's answer is surprisingly the only one that makes sense out of all of the above
#12 by cyber-dragon
2021-12-09 at 07:28
< report >@3: I agree with customization. Just having avatars would go a long way to make it more friendly.
#13 by Latnemurtsni
2021-12-09 at 07:50
< report >#12 At the very least, I suppose a simple avatar/display picture would be sufficient enough to add a touch of personalization for those who care about it.

This is still VNDB after all, I'm sure most of us would just use a jpeg of our favorite waifu.
#14 by lemonov
2021-12-09 at 14:36
< report >>assuming that people who spend hundreds of hours on reading mongolian rape novels have friends
#15 by slashslayer
2021-12-09 at 22:27
< report >it's nice to see that i have support
#16 by barfboy
2021-12-09 at 23:33
< report >I had a roommate I introduced to VNDB who used to post here. Wouldn't call him a friend though, mostly a guy I didn't want to kill, sometimes.
#17 by bobjr2000
2021-12-10 at 14:20
< report >I think there is more than enough social websites to go to if lonely even for weird hobby like this. Just seems like unnecessary work/baggage for information site.Last modified on 2021-12-10 at 14:21
#18 by Latnemurtsni
2021-12-10 at 17:20
< report >
even for weird hobby like this

I'm getting kinda off topic here, but I'd hardly call it weird in this day and age. Maybe back in 2008 it be frowned upon, and you'd be considered an outcast (sorry Yorhel). But nowadays "weeb" culture has been fully assimilated into the Western world.

Like, I leave my apartment once a week to buy food, and even then I see white girls out there wearing anime shirts 'n shit. There was a group of stereotypical 'tough guys' lurking around the lobby just yesterday and one of them was wearing a fucking ahegao hoodie of all things.Last modified on 2021-12-10 at 17:21
#19 by lemonov
2021-12-10 at 17:37
< report >#18 There are "weebs" who have read maybe F/SN, Saya or in the worst cases DDLC and there are people dedicated enough to actually have a need to create a list. Two completely different groups.
People who watch anime and maybe read manga are also hardly ever the same people who read a lot of VNs. If you have a teh meme hoodie it doesn't mean that you'll eagerly waste away hundreds of hours pressing enter.
#20 by masturbator
2021-12-11 at 00:45
< report >regarding the addition of a friend system i do not care either way

regarding additional customization suggestion by slashslayer (#3)
i am against adding too much of it as i fear it would lead to a rise in catfishers and role-players
i personally prefer user profile pages in their current form
#21 by sorendipitous
2021-12-11 at 03:01
< report >I would appreciate the option to follow people's pages because I enjoy checking on how other people's tastes compare to mine and how they update over time?? Cosmetic customization is whatever but I'm talking practicality. Do you really expect me to keep finding my friends' pages manually in order to see what they rated a game I recommended to them? So fucking inconvenientLast modified on 2021-12-11 at 03:04
#22 by lordnight
2021-12-11 at 07:56
< report >Then yorhel can just make it so you can click that bell button on someone else's profile
#23 by darwin
2021-12-11 at 14:53
< report >Yorhel would have to make a notification system for whether your follows change their vn's note, rate a game, add review, edit tag, etc. It wouldn't be a simple bell button, but I really support the idea.
#24 by slashslayer
2021-12-12 at 00:49
< report >
a rise in catfishers and role-players
could you elaborate that? i don't know what you meant by any of those terms so i can't make an argument

i personally prefer user profile pages in their current form
this opinion doesn't nullify the other one. there are plenty of sites that have the options of "legacy" layouts and "modern" layouts and i honestly doubt programming that would be much of a trouble for Yorhel. you can have the site as you want it and other people who disagree with you can be equally satisfied, no problem there
#25 by slashslayer
2021-12-12 at 01:05
< report >on a related note, a lot of you seem to have a misconception of a lot of users here:
Visual Novel is a medium, just like animation, comics and games. there are people who appreciate and are passionate for those 3 mediums in a natural and healthy way just like there are "outcasts", as you say
the "visual novel" term itself is rather popular from my personal experience, although it naturally just doesn't bring as many people as other mediums because of how much of a niche it factually is proportionately. when the medium's popularity decreases massively in the last years because of gasha, plus the fact that it's mostly composed by reading(which repeals a lot of entertainment media fans already, since it's pretty known that even though books are constantly talked about thanks to their adaptations, most people has never really read one), of course it will be a niche

to clarify, i'm not trying to radically change any opinion here, my point is that this kind of behavior negatively interfires a lot in what can be productive debates to vndb's inevitable public growth like this one, even if it's just a joke