VN search parameter are obfuscated

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#1 by regisnex
2021-10-29 at 16:40
< report >HI, I wanted to create a small script, that changes any link that leads to a developer overview (example: VN Page click on Developer name). Instead of sending me to the developer overview, that isn't very helpful for me (link***), I want it to send me to normal VN overview that includes my filters and the nice gridview, the same way clicking on a tag does. My idea was to just add the developer searchterm somehow to the url and replace the link.
But as it turns out, adding a search parameter creates an obfuscated search string something like this: link

Now my question is, is there another way to do this, or maybe a change for the developer overview is planned?
#2 by Yorhel
2021-10-29 at 17:36
< report >It's not so much "obfuscated" as just a nicely compact and URL-friendly form. :)

The 'f' parameter accepts other query formats, such as JSON, but these formats are currently rather badly documented and inconvenient to use. I've been meaning to create a new public API with these queries integrated and documented, but that's for later.

And yeah, I'd rather add this feature to the developer overview than have people install userscripts, such scripts are pretty frail. You're welcome to contribute the feature to VNDB's source code if you have a good idea to nicely integrate it.


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