Uh, some inquiries about the Derauea page....

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#1 by atianna
2021-11-01 at 14:53
< report >Hi Mister/Miss/(whatever you are) admin Eacil, I have a question...*

I saw your "edit summary" on the Derauea page and you linked to a Twitter post; I translated the entirety of it with DeepL and said post is just her thanking everyone who participated in an autograph event. The comments and her replies don't show much either.

Is there a reason for saying it's proof that I copied from it?

I could care less about uncreative artists with unoriginal art styles and don't have a Twitter account, so clearly I didn't even know that post existed. Sorry I guess, but I'm just confused and need an answer. Thanks.

*(I operate mainly on FANDOM Wikis unsure if this is the same as message walls, apologies for messing up in some way.....)
#2 by Ileca
2021-11-01 at 18:20
< report >The answer from @hosizakimaeda says that they were surprised that sensei was a beautiful woman (when she appeared at that autograph session). To which Derauea answer humbly without denying.

- お疲れ様です、先生がきれいな女性でびっくりしました!
- とんでもございません。ご参加くださりありがとうございました
#3 by atianna
2021-11-02 at 20:40
< report >Oh.



Well, I did translate that but I thought he/she were referring to the totally real (sarcasm) girls/women she draws. You wrote that part of the "summary" in a way I truly didn't understand, anyway.

Like I said, I didn't know that post existed, so yeah. And about the hands/video thing, I truly thought she was a man, but oh well. Plus hands technically are proof since most hentai artists basically hide behind their Twitter accounts and aren't seen physically, but think what you want, I guess.

Another thing, why the hell did you write your "edit summary" like that? This is my main inquiry about the page I care about the most.

I was gonna write a lot more about that here but I"ll let you say your piece, manners and stuff.Last modified on 2021-11-02 at 20:43
#4 by Ileca
2021-11-02 at 21:19
< report >If hands were proof, then why did you do such a mistake in the first place? You can't deduce for sure the gender of someone by their hands. You would see my hands, I can assure you, you would assign me the wrong gender again. What if I am transgender?
It's by looking at your so called "technical proof" that I went the extra mile to disprove you.

Another thing, why the hell did you write your "edit summary" like that?
I don't know what you expected me to do. I linked the proof. I edit too many things every month to take the time to translate you the content of those twets. If someone is not satisfied or is unable to understand my point, I will oblige this person by answering his inquiries on a forum thread like you did, without problem. Ironically, it took time for me to understand what you meant with your video of hands.
If you thought I was rude, it was not intended but after writing so many edit summaries, you don't waste time with formalities and just get to the point.

Anyway, everybody does mistakes. The thing is to learn from them. In your case, I would say it is not to assume things without solid bases.
#5 by atianna
2021-11-04 at 07:59
< report >Well I didn't notice the long nails. But I'mma go ahead and say my piece since arguing about the hands of some generic and unimportant hentai artist is childish and of least importance here anyway. Other than gender, what are supposed to argue about? How good her nails would look?

Okay kidding aside, I'm still new to the site and community... And I didn't know you had to go through editing a lotta stuff every month, especially when the website is dedicated to a genre of game with a very active market that has a lotta releases, companies and artists popping up and whatnot.

..Though the fact about her being a hentai manga artist under Comic Bavel is true, the other things I truly fucked up on and was done in assumptions and bad research/translations since nothing is really known about her (much like many artists of her kind anyway).

With the edit summary, I thought you sounded like some extremely immature weeb admin, but as an admin myself on a FANDOM Wiki dedicated to one of those popular "anime school simulator" games that gets faced with a lotta vandalism, I understand.

Just wished you could've handled it better by messaging me to say that everything was wrong so I could delete my incorrect edits, but I guess things are different here than on other Wikis. I was just angry at the fact that it sounded immature, unnecessary and harsh to a newbie, maybe to the extent that I couldn't see my mistakes.

Plus the summary felt like it was written in an angry/stressed way, so that made me feel nervous and stay away from lurking this site in embarrassment from pissing off an important admin, hence why it took me this month to bring up a month old issue.

Eojjaessdeun (anyway in Korean), I hope we didn't get off on the wrong foot. You seem like a really chill/cool person as seen from your forum interactions with others and hope I didn't piss you off in some way.

....I'm dearly sorry. I hope you accept my apology and wasn't making your job worse in any way by doing that; you sound like a busy/good admin ^^Last modified on 2021-11-04 at 09:32
#6 by atianna
2021-11-06 at 07:06
< report >Uh, you saw this right? Then... I have another question..

Is it okay if I make another thread? I have stuff to ask you, just asking for your permission since I don't wanna stuff all of a sudden ^^"
#7 by Ileca
2021-11-06 at 07:06
< report >Use this thread.
#8 by atianna
2021-11-08 at 00:13
< report >Ah okay!! And I'm also sorry about how I confronted you about the summary/edits, sounding all rude and not like myself and whatever. "Rough start" would be very accurate for this thread, ahem ^_^;

Now, onto my question, can I still edit the page? Been thinking about doing something like this...

Derauea is a Japanese adult game illustrator and character designer who publishes manga under Comic Bavel. She is the main artist for Milk Factory.
You see, I made it much more compact than my previous edit because with that other edit because I got carried away, as you can probably tell. I left out the fancy stuff (like adding employee in my wrong edit *cough cough* ahem) and made it simple.

What do you think? Anything I should change?

(SIDE NOTE: To be honest I always thought Derauea was a woman due to her name and art style with sparkly eyes and whatever, but I keep forgetting that female artists like Hamashima Shigeo and Sakimichan exist.....)Last modified on 2021-11-08 at 00:39
#9 by Ileca
2021-11-08 at 00:37
< report >Sure, you can do that.

If you want my opinion, though, I am not fond of that kind of description. You learn nothing really important by reading this.
"Japanese" > language field.
"adult" > games are 18+ and they even have ero in their name.
"game illustrator, character designer" > roles: Character design, Artist.
"manga artist" > ok, one piece of information tho most vn illustrators are eromangaka so nothing really earth shattering here. The contrary would be more surprising.
"She is the main artist for Milk Factory." > ok, even if it can be easily deduced, this one I can kinda agree

There is nothing interesting like date of birth, academic and professional curriculum, actual facts about her professional positions.
Most staff you have nothing interesting to say about them anyway.
#10 by atianna
2021-11-08 at 01:01
< report >Damn you respond fast--

Most staff you have nothing interesting to say about them anyway.
Just learned how to quote, finally. And yes, true. As I said most hentai artists are pretty much shrouded in mystery, hence why my previous edits are basically assumptions.

And aish, yeah. Considering the fact that both SQUEEZ and Milk Factory both have Ero in the game names (assuming SQUEEZ does, I only know of them and TechArts from stalking the forums and such) it would be pretty useless to say that she is an adult game artist of games THAT ARE ALREADY ADULT.

You see, I write my bios in the style of Wikipedia like on FANDOM but that probably won't work here, hehe..... Heh. And yeah that would seem redundant....

Okay, then would this be good?

Derauea is the main artist and character designer for Milk Factory.
Boom, something simple. Though I'm wondering if I should put that she was also with SQUEEZ too, or would that be too unneeded considering the fact that that brand doesn't exist anymore?Last modified on 2021-11-08 at 01:15
#11 by Ileca
2021-11-08 at 01:14
< report >Ok for that.
You don't need to talk about Squeez because she worked on a single game. Squeez made many games so her relation to Squeez is nothing special. It would be like listing in the bio of every staff with which companies they worked with.
I agree with talking about Milk Factory because her position is special and teach us something, which is that she is featured in every game of that brand, making it kind of hers.
#12 by atianna
2021-11-08 at 01:39
< report >
You don't need to talk about Squeez because she worked on a single game. Squeez made many games so her relation to Squeez is nothing special.
Absolutely agree with that, Sir/Ma'am.

With SQUEEZ it would be useless to add that because like you said, it was a one time thing. Ero Appli was the last game by them before they closed, so there wasn't really a lotta time with Derauea working with them. They made like 100 games (exaggerating) with many artists, so yeah.

Milk Factory is I think basically reincarnated SQUEEZ (as stated I haven't played ANY of the games so I hope my lore is right), so that makes it even more special that she's invovled with them.

Okay, so is the first or second one fine? I think the first one is good since it states her relationship with Comic Bavel, which explains as to why some of Milk Factory's games, like the recent one set in a succubus academy was on the cover of one of Bavel's issues.

Danbooru also states her relation with them here too, if that's a relevant sauce: link

Then again you're the admin so you decide, it's why I'm asking you after all ^^
#13 by Ileca
2021-11-08 at 01:57
< report >There is a misunderstanding. I am not the admin. I am just a mod aka a regular user with few perks. When I speak, it's not god's words. Anyone can contribute and anyone could have reverted you for the same reasons. Of course, I will have the final word if you don't follow the rules or if something needs to be interpreted, but a fellow mod could pretty much contradict me. Then, a discussion occurs. We are having a discussion, I am not giving you orders.

I removed your description because it didn't add anything like I have shown you and that you assumed she was an employee of Milk Factory, which is a professional status you couldn't prove. I didn't need to be a mod to do that.

Anyway, if you want a good source about what an artist has done, use https://www.doujinshi.org/browse/author/107646/Derauea/ and certainly not an image board. As you can see, she drew for Comic Bavel five times. It's not enough to fill a tank. You can add that she occasionally draw for this mangashi if you want.
#14 by atianna
2021-11-08 at 02:34
< report >Apologies hehe.

As said before, I'm from FANDOM. It's a popular Wiki hosting service dedicated to franchises and games, tv shows, and admins on Wikis can rollback edits, so you reverting stuff reminded me of that.

I'm still learning about this place after years of lurking it. Hope that clears why I keep mistaking you as an admin for you.

And about the employee thing, it was another error but I kinda assumed that because the official website of Milk Factory (in its earliest state) stated that she was in charge of the artwork of the games and posters (IIRC, I didn't use Deepl so probably not accurate).

linkLast modified on 2021-11-08 at 02:43
#15 by atianna
2021-11-08 at 19:13
< report >Oh! Actually I checked out the link and that seems right. I just used Danbooru because it was more extensive on nicknames.

Then.... If this is fine...
Derauea is the main artist and character designer for Milk Factory. She occasionally publishes manga in Comic Bavel.
Though I keep having thoughts if Comic Bavel is irrelevant to her current status with Milk Factory...
#16 by atianna
2021-11-13 at 09:16
< report >Considering the fact that it's only five times, it's not a lotta history. So pretty irrelevant to her work on adult games (8 credits).

Well anyway, I'mma just edit the page to say "Derauea is the main artist and character designer for Milk Factory" since you said "ok for that" and it's more important than her eromangaka thing or whatever.

Honestly getting tired of this since it's been five days or something, but it's started by me because I acted like a child by confronting you about correct edits. I don't care about it anymore and neither do you, so water under the bridge. Just being (rarely) blunt here.

Now off of that, I have a question, though, or multiple if you will, have you played/read (or whatever the correct term is) the One-Up games? I'm curious since you left a discussion on Hoshizora no Babylon so... Yeah ^^

This isn't related to Derauea though, so maybe should I make another thread(?). Just trying to obey the rules.Last modified on 2021-11-13 at 09:47
#17 by Ileca
2021-11-13 at 09:49
< report >See, you already made progress. You understand that it isn't worth getting a headache over that. There are plenty of easier edits to grab than trying to write a bio out of thin air.

Yes, I played one One-Up and it's Dedenden!. It was decent for what it was. I was surprised that the gameplay wasn't that bad, even fun, given that I do not consider eroge makers to be talented in that domain.

No, don't open another thread. This thread is now "the thread of Atianna." I prefer if the rambling/ranting is contained in one place. ;)
#18 by atianna
2021-11-13 at 09:59
< report >Agreed hehe, I was angry over the edits and shit for like, literally months but now I don't care and realized my mistakes since talking with you; I suppose you sensed me worrying over everything from a screen (mod powers maybe, woah).

Plus the simple bio I will change it to is better suited and more simpler for this site ^^

And cool! If I'm correct, that game didn't do well (as I've read from a blog post years ago). But I've wondered if you've played Sei Brunehilde, Hime Jiru or Hoshizora also.Last modified on 2021-11-13 at 10:04
#19 by Ileca
2021-11-13 at 10:06
< report >Nah, I didn't read those VN because I am not into the style of TechArts. I prefer an Ogin Bara over a Sano Toshihide but he is still not my cup of tea. Their skin textures are too artificial.
#20 by atianna
2021-11-13 at 10:19
< report >True. Imho Ogin Bara's artwork is beautiful but it's too... Anime if that makes sense, and he seems to suffer from sameface syndrome (no seriously there are like, two characters in Hoshizora who look exactly alike) and Ishikei seems to be the only artist who draws realistic hands.

And Sano's artwork.... Kinda looks like Tony Taka's (well, in one work named Hime to Boin anyway). Realistic stuff like Sei Shoujo is something I prefer more over than traditional anime tbh.Last modified on 2021-11-14 at 03:54
#21 by atianna
2021-11-14 at 03:53
< report >Speaking of which, I have a lotta things to ask you since I'm still new here, so I hope you're patient enough ^^;

First thing I've always wondered, how does someone become a moderator on here?

If I get enough edits and experience, I'm planning to become a mod here one day. I would like to help and maybe make editing a lotta stuff less harder if possible ^_^
#22 by Ileca
2021-11-23 at 05:28
< report >You don't request to be mod. You can only pray that after all your good work, God will notice you.


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