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#1 by Pixellines1
2021-11-03 at 09:44
< report >Greetings everyone! I am a part of a developer team and we are going to release a Visual Novel in English, Japanese, Korean, and Indonesian. We would like to share a survey link to let us make a Visual Novel with the best experience for all! The link is in the following: @pixellines.games | LinktreeLast modified on 2021-11-03 at 10:04
#2 by barfboy
2021-11-04 at 17:58
< report >I failed at the part where it asked for my email.
#3 by Ezezin
2021-11-04 at 18:44
< report >Why do you ask for name, e-mail, age and gender? You don't need those kind of personal information when making a game.Last modified on 2021-11-04 at 18:47
#4 by Yorhel
2021-11-04 at 19:34
< report >#2: I failed much earlier - when I saw it directed to a google form.
#5 by bobjr2000
2021-11-05 at 15:34
< report >my two cents add lots of sex, survey over.
#6 by otomelover068
2021-11-05 at 22:27
< report >You should show and talk more about the game your team wants to make and the concept you have in mind, don't ask about names, age, gender and all that stuff, it's about the game, not about us.
#7 by Mutsuki
2021-11-05 at 22:31
< report >why is it japanese survey, korean survey, english survey but survey indonesia?

come on have some consistency
#8 by historyeraser
2021-11-05 at 22:32
< report >While I do agree that asking to provide names is completely unnecessary, the age and gender thing makes sense. It's good have an understanding of whatever demographic(s) might like your VNs so you can pander to said group. It's how the manga industry works for instance.
#9 by masturbator
2021-11-05 at 22:43
< report >i agree with bobjr2000 (#5)
follow his advice if your team wants to make it to the big bucks
#10 by iisderp
2021-11-05 at 23:47
< report >#9 name checks out
#11 by Pixellines1
2021-11-11 at 00:10
< report >so sorry I didn't check the notification... the survey is now closed and the link is headed to somewhere else
#12 by masturbator
2021-11-11 at 00:14
< report >we eagerly anticipate your game Pixellines1 (#11)
#13 by Pixellines1
2021-11-11 at 00:15
< report >Thank you so much for your anticipation! (#12)
#14 by Pixellines1
2021-11-11 at 00:34
< report >The survey is now closed but you can now support us through Patreon or Ko-Fi in the link above as well as following our social media in the link so that you won't miss the update related to the game. Once more I'm terribly sorry for not checking the notification and ignoring your critics related to the survey. I will keep in mind not to make the same mistake again in the future. I actually wanted to edit the post but I don't know how ;-; so I'm sorry if this is OOT.


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