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#1 by nukihunter
2021-11-13 at 02:34
< report >Finally I can see Maki Daikichi again art in Heiantei.
#2 by nukihunter
2021-11-13 at 02:41
< report >Finally I can see Maki Daikichi art again in Heiantei. This is perfect Netori setup. (WTF I can't edit the above thread )Last modified on 2021-11-13 at 02:53
#3 by dadadum
2021-11-13 at 03:52
< report >Whats the setup ?
#4 by nukihunter
2021-11-13 at 04:06
< report >#3 Arrogany type of Milf + hidden sex. Plus this developer like to add heroine perspective for this type of story.
This is not some Appetite or Miel type of Nukige which is dreadful.Last modified on 2021-11-13 at 04:07
#5 by tegerus
2021-11-17 at 21:07
< report >I'm always down for quality MILF material. Hopefully it's better than the last title from them. It wasn't terrible but it could have been a lot better in my opinion.
#6 by croix
2021-11-18 at 03:32
< report >it's seem like going to be rape and blackmail same as other their work P☆A Kaichou wa Suki Desu ka? ~Gouman Celeb Tsuma e no Sex Shidou~, if it like Kanojo no Okaa-san wa Suki Desu ka? its will be nice.
#7 by dretry
2021-11-22 at 10:58
< report >Totally the same here, last two works weren't bad but weren't great as classic Heiantei. This one seems to be some mix of P☆A Kaichou and Kanojo no Okaa. Plus Maki art is the best for MILF material like the one in Aniyome Kyouka-san. For what I have read in Heiantei's blog, it will have the count down for ejaculation and probably a bad ending from the wife's perspective. Looking forward to it.
#8 by nukihunter
2021-11-23 at 00:55
< report >#7 The fact this the first time the writer make the MC that has a wife though. The downside is the wife probably not have a sex scene 😭
#9 by dretry
2021-11-23 at 12:01
< report >#8 Frame said that next projects will have side stories with the other characters, soon we will have more content in their works, just hoping it doesn't end like big circles/studios and just play safe and repeat the same thing.
#10 by zero07
2021-12-02 at 06:38
< report >Now the waiting game begins again.
#11 by Ileca
2021-12-02 at 10:51
< report >Hard to believe this shota looking of a MC can netori anyone...
#12 by bobjr2000
2021-12-22 at 18:10
< report >love the art but sadly the rape and blackmail will keep me away. Hopefully look forward to next one.
#13 by kzehaya
2021-12-29 at 03:15
< report >do you guys know other vn with this same heroine who had an arrogant + milf + wifey type? i already tired of playin vanilla vn
#14 by kzehaya
2021-12-29 at 03:16
< report >when is the exactly release date of this game? i cant wait to play it


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