Shuka’s child

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#1 by mizuki12
2021-11-17 at 02:09
< report >It is said that shuka have a child, so is she not a virgin?
#2 by danteas
2021-11-17 at 07:06
< report >she is virgin, for some random reasons she sees mc as her child
#3 by mizuki12
2021-11-17 at 09:27
< report >what about her past?
#4 by nemesis2005
2022-01-11 at 22:36
< report >She was originally a farmer's daughter, but one day, she saw a samurai beheading someone and fell in love with the sword. She went to learn from that Samurai and dedicated herself to the sword. She sometimes wonder what life would have been like if she stayed a farmer and had children normally. She sees the MC as that "what if" child.


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