Art Style by TinkerBell

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#1 by veshurik
2021-11-22 at 16:14
< report >Well...
Unfortunately, such art style is not my cup of tea... At all.

Are there some people who like this art?
I just find coloring so... empty, and overall art not appealable at all, but maybe it is just me and my tastes.

Is this always for TinkerBell?

For example, same day release for "Itsumama 2" (link), for me it seems a lot better in terms of art quality.
#2 by masturbator
2021-11-22 at 22:51
< report >hello veshurik (#1)

Are there some people who like this art?
they say one masturbators trash is another masturbators treasure
so yes there must exist people who like this art

Is this always for TinkerBell?
i cannot comment on this as i have yet to play any games from this developer (though some of their stuff does look appealing to me)
#3 by nukihunter
2021-11-23 at 00:46
< report >They should bring back Amano Ameno though.
#4 by stickyfingersx
2021-11-23 at 02:49
< report >While I positively have no interest in their upcoming VN (the one tagged in the title) owing to the tit sizes (just not for me), I quite liked their In'youchuu/Monster series - Example. Though admittedly, I only played their newer releases.

I find them more ‘professional-looking’ than most VNs ANIM ever puts out (restating - not this VN), and H-art is rather neat as long as the tags or the scenes don't pass into the extremes (In’youchuu series only). They seem much better handled than most nukiges I read.
Still, for the extreme ones like monster-birth/scat/skullfucks/nipple-insertion, the CGs are honestly funny-looking than arousing, not that I dislike them / I do like them. Clock-up does them better, maybe? Nonetheless, good stuff.

On the topic of the current art style, this one by the same artist doesn't seem bad at all (big tits are slightly worrying, tho I can adjust), and the mother/daughter-sister aspect does sound very much appealing, something I’d like to play soon. And the artist worked only on like two series for TinkerBell, to base the entire brand on it. Anyhow, I wouldn't be getting their new release.
#5 by veshurik
2021-11-26 at 19:57
< report >Thanks for discussion, guys.

Yeah, Oyako Shuffle art style seems better. But Tsumamitsu... Uh... N-no.
Also naked heroines in section of official site seems... link
Well... Geez...
They are selling the game for 8800 yen. Yeah, maybe, there are some audience who will buy it no matter what, and the game pays off.

Didn't try the demo version, so I can't even say anything about storyline and plot. But art is no-no for me.


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