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#1 by keriadeadgirl
2021-11-24 at 08:05
< report >Once again my usual question with a netori, is there an ending where she leaves her husband and starts a proper relationship with the mc?
#2 by shinytentacool
2021-11-27 at 13:39
< report >I wish there was a tag for netori titles, that informed whether there is a husband-wife drama and the wife leaving to be with MC. It's the best part, but a lot of titles don't do it they just leave the husband in the background never to be mentioned

So I definitely relate to you. Can't help you though, haven't played this game
#3 by mikiru
2021-11-27 at 20:40
< report >None of the above is present here. Like the first part, there is no "element of drama" here. This is an ordinary nukige for 1-2 hours. I recommend playing this game only for animated h-scenes.
#4 by keriadeadgirl
2021-11-28 at 12:28
< report >shinytentacool - yes, god yes. I would love if there was a separate tag.

mikiru - thanks for letting me know ^_^ I am a really stupid person (and I know I really am ^_~)and would like a proper story in nukies. Not to be vulgar but I never really flick my bean to VN (or H-manga) I just read them for none physical gratafication pmsl


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