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#26 by dostedt
2023-02-02 at 04:54
< report >After so many ups and downs, I sure hope it turns out decently and Myosuki learns from their mistakes. If it ends up being any good, I hope they can continue to make similar trap focused VNs.
#27 by dostedt
2023-03-08 at 21:02
< report >It will be released on April 19, 2023. link
#28 by EroxEpic
2023-03-15 at 20:38
< report >1.Followed this game even after I 'quited',removed discord back then but there were other means.Am excited with new developments, of course.

2.Today I also made my final top of goodies, was more or less predictible but am willing to share my trio of 'goodies'. The latest updates helped greatly on each 1.
1st-The Owl House/Lumity/all good h/non-h comics/pics, Lumity-related(There arent that many, and I prefer individual pages over full story, story being fine but quality over quantity)
2nd-Witch Hunter by Lazy Tarts
3rd-Girls Girls by Myosuki
Basically, I like best cartoon/ship/last yuri+best game/VN/straight&more or less evil MC+best Japan game/last yaoi exception.

3.About G^3,my guess is, Kaede is the seme/dominant trap,but I admit, I want 'her' route to be 50/50, anyway to see Kaede on both giving and receiving ends bcs 'she' is my nr1 in the game.
#29 by EroxEpic
2023-04-20 at 14:24
< report >And,looks like 2/3 strategic updates for me in April.Owl house ended,nice way as well,it's probably the real end,but I wouldnt mind Lumity future in a possible movie 4ex.And now GGG comes,there are good pts.and bad pts.Good ones-story is decent, not much time waste especially with ctrl/skip,and also traps are called girls most of the time,no matter the reason I find it cute.Also their di**s are uncensored and there's no foreskin,for me it's really important,from an aestethics pt.of view, basically it delivered.

Now the bad pts.-not many cgs but it's within reason,also all 4 have anal sex and are submissive,the only dominant side was Nagisa's attitude,I expected too much Kaede to be dominant, at least in some scenes.But then again,I miss 3 cgs of the 26? I think,but it's probably the same story,there is no real 'josou seme' in here.

It could've been worse,like female protagonist,or mc becoming trap himself,so I'll take what I can and ignore the rest.

Also important updates in anime field,so yeah a good April month for me.As for Witch Hunter game,3rd strategic update,final will be in 2024/+ so no more big updates in 2023 for me.
#30 by dostedt
2023-04-21 at 03:15
< report >It came out during a pretty busy week for me, but I've been reading what I could. I'm in the Hayasaka route as my first route. I'm enjoying my time so far. I agree about the point about the dicks being uncensored and no foreskiin being more aesthetically pleasing on a trap. Going by what you said, I'm also happy they don't get the protag to become a trap. As for the being called girls with female pronouns the whole time was a bit weird for me as this doesn't seem seem to be a typical Western "shoving pronouns down your throat" type experience. But I've seen Japanese VNs do this, so I'm assuming it's for reasons similar to that which is much, much more digestible. I would also like to add that I do enjoy the animations and art, which is what drew me in initially. It feels like an indie Japanese VN with some Western elements and not the other way around, which is something I quite like.

So far, I'm happy with actually buying a VN for once. I hope it does decently. I may leave a review for once when I am finished.


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