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#1 by bobjr2000
2021-12-05 at 02:41
< report >Any news from company of when will this will be released?
#2 by EroxEpic
2022-02-13 at 19:10
< report >Another change-from latest kickstart update its supposed to be in march.
#3 by mazinger24
2022-02-13 at 19:45
< report >So the devs announce that the game is delayed again one day before it's supposed to be released? I'm starting to think if the game will ever be released.
#4 by EroxEpic
2022-02-14 at 07:18
< report >The update was made on 5th,I only saw it on 12th.Other than that,you could be right,but it seems more serious now.Supposedly,some beta will come in feb.and complete release in march.We'll just have to wait and see.
#5 by dostedt
2022-04-29 at 07:55
< report >According to a reply on a post they made, they hope to have it done sometime Spring. Man, I never get excited for Western stuff, and the one time I do it keeps getting delayed. Despite having no expectations of any Western VN to deliver, this will be one of the few occasions that I will feel disappointed that it didn't pan out. The demo is of surprisingly high quality. I really hope it comes out.
#6 by EroxEpic
2022-04-29 at 13:14
< report >I share your annoyance,but there's nothing we can do but wait.Even more if we didnt played any financial role.I can only assume,until June 1st,the game either gets released or another post about delay.And yes I also think people have waited enough and could go against the project,SCAM all over the place.
#7 by EroxEpic
2022-05-24 at 16:40
< report >Marked as abandoned on f95.Dev.kinda got fooled again by writer(or so he claims),so he's making a team,restarting again and makes no promises on release date.So in best case scenario,I assume it could be ready somewhere this year.Dk the mid-plan,but worse-its a never-ending scam.
#8 by dostedt
2022-05-24 at 23:14
< report >Fucking hell. I was not checking on f95, and I was wondering if there would be ANY updates anywhere from them. I guess they are too cowardly to say anything about this on their Twitter or Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Thank you for the update on here at least. While I did not financially back this project since I am smart enough to not trust crowdfunded VNs until they actually release, any minor amount of hope I had has been basically crushed. It's either abandoned or we will be waiting until 2030 for it. I should have known better than to ever have hope for a crowdfunded Western VN to ever deliver. Why did it have to have such good art and such a promising demo just to die? My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.Last modified on 2022-05-24 at 23:15
#9 by bobjr2000
2022-05-25 at 05:09
< report >disappointing and just assuming this is dead. Traps don't have much vanilla or moe eroge stuff coming out as is. And with No strike being only one which not a fan of its kinetic direction just going to have to wait if anything else shows up on radar.
#10 by EroxEpic
2022-06-18 at 10:09
< report >Just posted on f95 as well.I've sent a mail to myosuki-saying I could try helping with story/lines,if THAT is REALLY the problem here.No programming skills for me,but my mind is able for the easiest of tasks.Also said I'm doing this for free,just want some proof b4 anything that its no scam in this stage+ some help maybe in TLing a very hot steins gate doujinshi,134 pages all chs.Since company is in Japan and all,I assumed there is some jap.ppl,hence my request.I'll keep you guys updated regarding the outcome-no reply,refusal,positive +/- details,there are only several possibilities.
#11 by EroxEpic
2022-06-20 at 18:28
< report >I quit,and not just because there's small chance or no reply to my pm.I dont have the time,the mood plus other events happened.Scam or not,cant say for sure,but I had a fundamental change of heart and I'm into other games now,h or non-h,thats all there is to know.
#12 by EroxEpic
2022-08-05 at 06:01
< report >Usually in august happens the most important updates in the year for me,and not only because its my birthday.This year as well.
As for the game,on 29th July dev.made an update on kickstarter.It shows us the quiting mail of previous writer which was a girl apparently,a nice pic from the 1st of July patreon update as well(I thought it was Kaede but it was actually Nagisa-a bit shocked but in a good way),and a somewhat medium-size post where dev.explains he found a good writer,and things should go well,and that he'll announce release date 1 month before,when things will be 100% or something.So I think there's a big chance for a 2022 release,assuming its not another failure or scam.And I also think the new writer is a guy,trust a guy to get the job done when trap games are involved.
#13 by Ileca
2022-08-05 at 06:48
< report >I don't understand how these people work. They hire first timers... with no contract? Can't you sign a contract so when they go MIA they get fucked because you know their identity and can sue them or whatever? It's not with "promises" and first timers that you will go anywhere.
This stuff is not easy to handle, ok, but when I think that for every shitjob, I need three years experience for stuff that requires none etc. etc. and this guy just hire the first guy he finds on the internet...
#14 by dostedt
2022-08-05 at 17:59
< report >#12 Oh man, I just checked on the updates you mentioned after giving up on this. Is their plan to crush my hope into pieces just to give me a small glimmer of hope again to reel me back in? I guess I'll start keeping tabs on the progress again. I really do want this to be made properly and get released.
#15 by Ileca
2022-08-05 at 22:10
< report >In the meantime, I found out about Sentou Kanojo -Koi mo Ofuro mo Atsuatsu de- who just came out. It's not gay so it sucks but it might be enough to satiate you while waiting for this one to be released.
#16 by EroxEpic
2022-09-13 at 15:45
< report >Made a discord acc.just to see the progress,apparently things arent that grim as we all thought.Dev.seems confident he will finish this year-meaning if you go by his own words>he will announce on 30th nov.the release date of 31st dec.,with a month before and to be still in 2022,for the worst outcome.Maybe its the biggest scam of our days,but the other users didnt seem so nervous or anything,like every1 was just waiting patiently for the things to evolve by themselves.I'll keep watching the topic,and if something new/important comes up,I'll also reply here.Really no need for every1 to make a discord acc,but I was just too annoyed and wanted to know stuff-there's ALOT of ppl there as well.I go there by the nick XellosMetallium,but I'll only enter from time to time,not daily.Last modified on 2022-09-14 at 11:35
#17 by dostedt
2022-09-13 at 19:15
< report >I see. Thank you for doing that. I will be on the lookout for an announcement in the various places on or around November 30.
#18 by EroxEpic
2022-09-15 at 14:06
< report >Dev.apparently said something interesting just today.That is,within 3 weeks the script will be done,definitely by end of the year.So should be over soon,but dk about the proper release itself.Also the thingy with end of year seems a bit suspicious>either some lazy act or some worse-worse scenario,excluding another scam that is.
I said I wont watch daily,but after my latest personal updates,got only 7 elements in my masterplan and from 1st oct will be only 5,and G^3 is 1 of them yes,so I'm discording more often from now like an usual practice.
#19 by EroxEpic
2022-10-10 at 10:32
< report >Dev.said soon,and that script is done-in discord.So I can assume oct.2nd announcement will set the release date somewhere in nov.,going by 1 month thingy.We'll wait and see.
#20 by dostedt
2022-10-12 at 15:49
< report >#19 And they just updated the crowdfunding sites and Twitter with what you said. Awesome! I have regained full hope again.
#21 by EroxEpic
2022-10-21 at 06:16
< report >In the 25-30 period 2 events will happen,apparently.It will end some campaign for GGG to get stuff-which will be unavailable after that,and PUSH will release a doujin,a crossover of usagi was total garbage-my view) and GGG,possibly H I assume.So until that period nothing should happen,but after that,we could hope for some good news.Maybe news in early nov.and full game in early dec.?Also dev.said h patch will not be available in steam,dk exactly how,but he did mention kickstarter/the backers/indiegogo/other I assume.All of this info from discord,btw.
#22 by EroxEpic
2022-11-01 at 06:09
< report >This new update will surely put every1 where they were b4 last 1-which is,down,in low spirits.In a few mins will be 2hrs since dev.latest announcement,on discord,yes.Apparently they need some programmers,with their current pace they will need 400+ hours to translate script to game engine or something.So 17+ days if going 24/7.I'd say a release for 2022 is unlikely now,but maybe they will find the needed people and I may be wrong.Its probably true,but that doesnt cancel the frustration and additional time for waiting.So curse them or whatever,I found other things to do in the meantime so I'm not that mad anymore.
#23 by Ileca
2022-11-01 at 08:39
< report >He will hire the first rando he finds on the internet and the hack will bail on him at the first occasion lol...
Can't code a script and he chose Unity + Live2D...
That's why I will never use Kickstarter unless it's for a preorder or I hear a lot of praise about a company, such as dualtail.
#24 by EroxEpic
2022-11-01 at 19:51
< report >I decided to quit.No need for having an account here anymore,also from discord and also from this game waiting,ggg.And its final,I'm not that young anymore(30+) and patience its not my strong attribute these days,not anymore it isnt.Just wanted every1 to know,discord is still there,game will probably? release some time or another,but I'm through and remaining with only 6 golden pieces.ggg was just a 0 for me,now its all clear,a waste of time.Not anymore-only serious stuff for me from now,I'm done playing the fool.And even if it did release and by some paradox,would've had all I wanted in it-same story more or less-play it,enjoy it,then erasing it.Traps&rest arent tempting me anymore.Farewell for good.
#25 by Ileca
2023-02-01 at 17:54
< report >They are in private beta since December and today they released their "final beta". Next news should be the release date, the first week of March they say.