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#1 by serzh
2021-12-14 at 17:07
< report >There will be a movie adaptation of the novel from Aniplex: link

Great news!
#2 by 4digitmen
2021-12-14 at 17:34
< report >There's no confirmation that this is true. This account is using its clout to purport this as true even though there's evidence against it, and no official confirmation from Aniplex itself. They also have no other sources except the URL.

The domain is registered under an American IP which no other Aniplex site is registered under (and has also changed once between when the site was made). The old IP had only one other site registered under it: rupees2renminbi.com. All other Aniplex IPs have multiple sites registered under them, and are also Japanese.

Edit: The new IP has multiple sites registered under them. The new IP itself, though, is registered in an even more conspicuous location.

Also, most Aniplex domains have their registrar listed under IONOS. This has it listed under GMO Internet. There are very few Aniplex domains that are registered under GMO, though, so this doesn't mean much.

Domain info:
link (Mahoyo)
link (SAO Progressive was leaked in the same manner)
link (Another example)
link (Example with GMO Internet as registrar)

Edit 2:
link Aniplex.exe's website is registered in the same location and also under GMO. I'd still wait for official confirmation.Last modified on 2021-12-14 at 17:53
#3 by serzh
2021-12-14 at 18:20
< report >Ok, sorry, wait then.
#4 by totallynotgar
2021-12-22 at 23:18
< report >mahoyo prank of the century
#5 by shinytentacool
2021-12-23 at 05:33
< report >the movie will come out in america before the vn is translated
#6 by serzh
2021-12-23 at 17:19
< report >#5, no. Novel will be translated pretty soon.
#7 by zeriel
2021-12-26 at 15:56
< report >It is real link
#8 by 4digitmen
2021-12-26 at 15:59
< report >Yes.
#9 by totallynotgar
2021-12-27 at 01:05
< report >How the fuck did a twitter account like that get a leak of it but not some like other well know idk Japanese sites.

weird year
#10 by dq
2021-12-27 at 01:39
< report >#9, mainstream & trustworthy sites/sources typically don't announce things based on a domain being registered since there's been numerous false announcements revolving around those in the past; it's usually leak-related Twitter accounts that post stuff like that — same happens with other anime & manga domain registrations.
This time the poster on Twitter was right, but they really shouldn't have said it in a matter-of-fact way since it very well could've been wrong. Makes for a good "told you so" moment, though.Last modified on 2021-12-27 at 01:44
#11 by 4digitmen
2021-12-27 at 13:59
< report >#9

Because trustworthy Japanese sites don't make affirmations based on unconfirmed leaks. The Aniplex URL leak came from Japan, and Japanese twitter knew about it way before English twitter did, though they weren't so stupid as to say that it was a confirmed thing that was happening. And to reiterate, they had no less sources than we did, it was just the URL. They simply wanted the twitter likes and retweets, so they said "GUYS ITS HAPPENING."
But sure, the account was right in the end, but that doesn't make the action itself any less stupid. They are known to not be credible, and this is pretty hard proof of it.
#12 by serzh
2021-12-27 at 17:21
< report >Hope for two or three movies to cover all the plot properly.
#13 by fuez
2021-12-28 at 04:02
< report >link

It is official. By Aniplex.


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