Why are so many things being deleted?

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#1 by pikachu17
2021-12-16 at 19:54
< report >I have been noticing a lot of things have been deleted, like screenshots, images, and character's. Is there a reason why someone keeps deleting things?
#2 by slashslayer
2021-12-17 at 00:48
< report >can you provide some examples?
#3 by pikachu17
2021-12-17 at 14:26
< report >Oh yes sorry. Images(Strawberry Panic), screenshots(Double Cast), and character's(Evangelion).
#4 by Ninius
2021-12-17 at 14:37
< report >You can see the reasons for the deletions in the edit summary.

For example Strawberry Panic character images (c26895.4) "image from different medium shouldn't be used", meaning that the character images should be in-game sprites, not pictures from the anime.
#5 by pikachu17
2021-12-17 at 14:38
< report >Ok I'm sorry. This keeps happing so often.
#6 by funnerific
2021-12-17 at 14:48
< report >maybe because it's a big database?


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