Questions left unanswered [SPOILERS]

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#1 by Latnemurtsni
2021-12-21 at 07:58
< report >I loved it just as much as the prequel, but found some things confusing. No KNS 3 spoilers please.

1) What was the point of the scene where Karen spies on Shizuru and Saya flirting? I thought it would lead up to something later on, but nada. Even if he was a chad, Saya hated the dude (even going so far as to bang ol' man Hideomi to get pregnant rather than him). So why would this scene even exist?

2) ...Expanding on the above, why tf wouldn't she just sleep with Yuzuru instead? The man already impregnated Shizuru's wife whilst they were still married, so I can't imagine he had rigid morals or anything.

3) What happened to Kohane's adoptive parents? Reiji was implying he had an idea, but I don't recall it being mentioned after that.

4) When Kensei takes Satsuki(Ayako) to get a checkup, he tells Yuzuru that she has elaborate discussions with herself in private. Why? He is well aware that there are two "satsuki"s; naturally they speak to one another, so why would he deliberately throw Ayako under the bus and make doc think she's schizophrenic or something?

5) Why was Yayoi even a character? She was completely absent in all the flashback episodes, and literally her only purpose was to inform Masaki/Reiji of Hideomi's cancer (which is a task that could've been assigned to many other characters). I thought she was cute, but she may as well have not even been in the game to begin with...

6) And finally, how the fuck does Masaki not recognize Ayako until she practically has to spell it out for him? She recognized him instantly, but he didn't even get a clue... What a dolt.
#2 by WYSGBT
2022-01-13 at 03:28
< report >I finished this game some while ago and couldn't answer some points, this game is weak at some logic tho, so most of my answers will be based on guessing

2) I don't think Yuzuru is legit at that time, he was already out of the family (His given name has already changed) therefore the child cannot be the Miko

3) The game hinted both of her parents died, possible by her hand. Only hinted, nothing solid. Then I think the drama CD expanded this clue, you can check that out if you want to know more.

4) I am not sure whether Yuzure is aware of the fact that there were two "Satsuki"s, if he is not then it make sense.

5) I guess you can have Futami Yuu delivered this massage. .....? But I don't think it differs that much. You can say Yayoi is a symbol for the village to be more modernized, as she is not preparing to inherit those traditions, Kansei and Miya didn't seem to be keen on that either.

6) I guess you can say the personality changes too much after Rokushiki Makoto's treatment.


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