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#1 by forever-here
2021-12-21 at 13:09
< report >link

and so we riot
#2 by lovely23
2021-12-21 at 13:46
< report >That's why I stopped using Steam, I'm so disappointed with them, they don't understand how hard it's to release VN in West. I hope Sekai Project would find a solution and release game and not dropped it. I would be disappointed should that happen but I would understand why they did it.
#3 by Arsym
2021-12-22 at 03:25
< report >School setting with erotic content is a red line for Steam. They're okay with one or the other, not both.
#4 by styjoy
2021-12-22 at 04:20
< report >Interesting the news mentioned a Chinese localization was planned. I wonder how they could reach the Chinese audience without Steam.
#5 by flvbycjctnheheh
2021-12-22 at 05:50
< report >@3 There are many published stories with the school setting and sexual content. Even Subahibi is on Steam. I think that the true reason is that there are some SJWs feminists (male or female) working on Steam and it depends on whether it was they who were put into checking the game or if it were normal people.
#6 by forever-here
2021-12-22 at 06:31
< report >@5 yeah that's the more plausible reasoning. maybe resubmit it again but this time, they need a good timing so that normal people would look at it and not some SJW bloat.
#7 by lucumo
2021-12-22 at 15:44
< report >@4: Yeah, not like other stores exist...some of which have been around for longer than Steam.
#8 by cvndb
2022-01-08 at 09:53
< report >@4 dlsite(need VPN and more expensive than steam), johren(R-18 needs VPN and more expensive than steam), justusa(not support wechat pay or alipay) are ok, but they have poorer user experience than steam in China。Last modified on 2022-01-08 at 09:54
#9 by gebilaowang
2022-01-09 at 10:43
< report >Justusa should be used first. It has the same regional pricing as STEAM. You can use PayPal to complete the payment. Both dlsite and johren have mosaics, which I hateLast modified on 2022-01-09 at 10:49
#10 by riguru121
2022-01-13 at 19:22
< report >damn steam gotta be kidding me...
#11 by butterflygrrl
2022-01-13 at 19:34
< report >Exactly how many people here have actually played the unreleased version that was rejected by steam in order to know what it contained?
#12 by forever-here
2022-01-14 at 03:35
< report >what do you mean "played" it's not even released yet
#13 by butterflygrrl
2022-01-14 at 04:11
< report >and yet somehow people seem to know every detail of what's in the game in order to call steam idiots and hypocrites for rejecting it...

... or else, perhaps, they are talking out of their asses?
#14 by forever-here
2022-01-14 at 04:16
< report >tHerE'S nO cEnsOrSHiP goYs!!!

oh the ignorance.
#15 by flvbycjctnheheh
2022-01-14 at 06:41
< report >Are you guys all right? The game has 300+ votes, of course, there are people who played it already, lol. Most read it in Japanese and some are probably Korean. I personally completed the game years ago.Last modified on 2022-01-14 at 06:41
#16 by cubky
2022-01-14 at 06:47
< report >Nobody was talking about the Japanese (or Korean) version though? The implication was that one cannot guess what kind and how much of censorship they added for their first try at passing Steam review, so we cannot hold Steam accountable for having double standards.Last modified on 2022-01-14 at 06:48
#17 by flvbycjctnheheh
2022-01-14 at 10:58
< report >@16 If there was nothing over the board in the original version it means that Steam would have been even more tame only with h-scenes cut, so what are you talking about? There's no 18+ content in this game if you remove sex, it's a rather vanilla story. If you played the Japanese version you already know everything that could have possibly been in the Steam version. Well duh.
#18 by forever-here
2022-01-14 at 13:13
< report >^you really should voice those complaints to steam.
#19 by flvbycjctnheheh
2022-01-14 at 14:22
< report >I don't really care about the release, for the reason obvious from my previous reply.
#20 by butterflygrrl
2022-01-14 at 19:15
< report >The non-H version of the game on Vita is still apparently rated 17+ so it certainly wasn't all-ages. Did it still have panty shots in the cut version? Steam has been known to ban games for high school panty shots. I have no idea. Is the Steam version the same as the Vita version? I have no idea.
#21 by sanahtlig
2022-01-14 at 21:49
< report >Any sexualization of high school aged characters is grounds for rejection on Steam, especially if a school setting is used. Assuming Sekai Project didn't go full MoeNovel on it, the Steam submission would've had lewd humor at the very least, and likely CG as well.Last modified on 2022-01-14 at 21:51
#22 by kayste
2022-01-15 at 13:50
< report >I played the vita port of this game and, honestly, it was pushing the boundaries of what would be allowed on console. There were plenty of suggestive CGs, mentions of characters having sex was kept in & some of the CGs were straight-up just cropped HCGs.
Assuming the English "all-ages" version was at all similar to this, it would almost certainly fall foul of Steam's rules (not arguing here whether or not Steam's rules are right).


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