Pyre on VNDB?

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#1 by TheLordArceus
2021-12-26 at 19:24
< report >Hello, new to this website and I was looking at all the titles i've played and one I noticed was missed was Pyre by Supergiant games. Now if it isn't considered a VN, it seems to get identified as one by a good amount of sources - didn't know if there was a clear "cut off point" - because others I've enjoyed had gameplay too, like Utawarerumono and Zero Escape/Danganronpa. I couldn't find an answer when I looked it up via the general discussion, so throwing out here if there is a clear reason and i'm simply overlooking it.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!
#2 by TheLordArceus
2021-12-26 at 19:27
< report >Please leave reasons if possible, not trying to start a fight - just want to learn more about the VNDB community.
#3 by Yorhel
2021-12-26 at 19:29
< report >Pointless poll removed; VN inclusion isn't decided by majority vote.

I've no clue about Pyre and I haven't looked yet, but as a generic answer: doesn't seem like anyone's tried to add it yet, which would either suggest people are afraid it doesn't belong here, or it's simply been forgotten. For reference, inclusion criteria are at d2#1.
#4 by TheLordArceus
2021-12-26 at 19:34
< report >Thank you for the prompt response, this section explains most of what I was asking, appreciate it!


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