Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thi

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#376Post deleted: You triple down on begging despite having your posts removed so have a ban (this is only a pretext to stop you from flooding the board with your low effort posts) @ileca
#377 by OrbitalCumStrik
2022-10-27 at 19:47
< report >Looks like the switch version is not just a steam port, it has several changes/enhancements. Also the high school uniform and setting is back.
#378 by HataVNI
2022-10-27 at 20:52
< report >Holy shit, Ileca killed serzh. Was this a perm?
#379 by hansfranz77
2022-10-27 at 21:30
< report >#378 That's a question I was asking myself as well as I saw this yesterday. He doesn't deserve a permanent ban, just for being a little impatient every so often.
#380 by beliar
2022-10-27 at 21:49
< report >If it were only being impatient that would be one thing, but the guy is a habitual ban evader and sock puppeter. He has 25 accounts on vndb that we know of, and probably as many that we are not aware of. It's no surprise that we are short tempered regarding him.
#381 by Ileca
2022-10-27 at 21:59
< report >There is that but even without his many accounts I would have banned him as I was already pissed at him for flooding the board with annoying low effort posts. When I saw another mod removing his comments on his own, I knew I wasn't misled. He is like a worse version of Hata, just look at his past 50 posts and try to find something salvageable. He was preemptively warned but ignored the warning.
Learning he was aquahorse was just the cherry on the cake.
#382 by hansfranz77
2022-10-27 at 22:00
< report >
He has 25 accounts on vndb that we know of, and probably as many that we are not aware of.
Just to make sure, you are not joking with this, right? That is pretty damn crazy, ngl.
#383 by Ileca
2022-10-27 at 22:02
< report >Take a look at t10769.
#384 by soddery
2022-10-28 at 04:14
< report >#377 To be fair, the high school setting I believe was still present in the Japanese and Chinese Steam versions. What other changes and enhancements do we know of?
#385 by HataVNI
2022-10-28 at 08:26
< report >@381 Why do you bully, Ileca :(
#386Post deleted: Oh, it's you again, sovapex. Funny, that you say it's no big deal you were banned, as you don't like the site anyway, and yet you immediately make another account to post shit again. I'm getting mixed messages here... Your's sincerely: beliar.
#387 by raika03
2023-01-20 at 19:33
< report >any news about restoration patch?
#388 by c2k
2023-01-20 at 21:36
< report >#387 just check this entry (r87612) since they are gonna update on their progress on this entry
#389 by raika03
2023-01-21 at 07:45
< report >Ok thanks for info:)


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