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Not Enough Animation

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#151 by Ileca
2022-04-09 at 21:02
< report >If we are talking about classic 2D nukige, I am using CG. I mean, one scene most of the time = one CG. However, no need to be anal about that tho, so I take a 10% margin error into consideration (maybe even 20%). I prefer a CG count with a margin error than a scene count because you could have very long scenes with 2 or 3 CG and only 1 animated and that would make them having a total of 50-33% of animation. That wouldn't sit right with me to mark them as fully animated given that CG is the unit in classic Japanese 2D VN.
Truth be told, I don't remember encountering such example so I am sure that a) would have worked for me too. In the end, it all depends how you define "scene". I probably need examples to be convinced.
I am not even against a general feeling, that a VN feels mostly consistently animated.

The biggest problem I would say is to make people understand the difference between cutscenes and CG. I saw S;G Elite being marked as cutscenes when it was a textbook example of "CG". When it comes to fully animated VN, I am more lax. The thing to understand is that "CG" must not be animated all the time, like ALL THE TIME, looping in the background, not a moment break. VN are not anime, it's text with accommodating, delayed animation. Animation like in S;G and Viper, needs to breath, and those breaks don't mean the interruption of animation to me.
#152 by Ileca
2022-06-05 at 01:23
< report >Here is a simple list of 1406 releases marked as having either "Erotic scenes:Some fully animated scenes" or "Erotic scenes:All scenes fully animated" that still need to be converted to the new feature. You just have to find out the kind of animation to be able to flag it properly with the frequency as a bonus. Once this is done, what will be left is "Erotic scenes:Simple animation" which, in 95% of the cases, will be vectorial animation or 3D. It's too bad 3D is so ambiguous because we could have easily converted them with the help of 3D Graphics (at least it is easy to find VN with animated 3D so that's really not a problem)...Last modified on 2022-06-06 at 03:47


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