Hide blacklisted VNs by default

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#1 by nyaaamii
2022-01-06 at 18:18
< report >Shouldn't blacklisted VNs be filtered out from queries by default, and only be visible in your own "Blacklist" on your profile?

If you go out of your way to blacklist a specific VN, it means that you really don't want to see it appear in your queries. As it is, blacklisted VNs appear in queries, only with a kind of broken heart symbol next to their names, and as much as it's nice to able to tell immediately which VNs you've blacklisted, it makes then stand out even more.

Plus, blacklisted VNs are considered to be 'on your list', and are returned by queries that use the filter "My List" -> "On my list", which goes against the very logic of what a blacklist should be.
Steam, for example, hides ignored games on the store page unless you're specifically looking for them, and your list of ignored games is kept in the "Preferences" tab of your account settings, a remote location nowhere near your library.

My point's being: can blacklisted VNs be filtered out from any query by default, and not be considered to be 'on your list'.
#2 by cubky
2022-01-06 at 18:30
< report >I know this is not done by default site-wide, but you can do that for your personal default query already.
#3 by nyaaamii
2022-01-06 at 18:47
< report >#2
I already know that, but that's besides the point, because you'd have to add an inverted filter 'My Labels' -> 'Blacklist' on every other query you do.
The point of a blacklist is that you don't have to bother with the stuff you blacklist, ever.
#4 by cubky
2022-01-06 at 18:53
< report >You only have to do it once though. After you set up the default query the site will use it for most lookups.
Not saying it would not be a good idea to do it site-wide by default, just trying to help you out to achieve similar results in the meantime.
#5 by nyaaamii
2022-01-06 at 19:01
< report >I knew that you could have a default display option, but not that you could pre-select default filters. Thanks for letting me know!


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