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#1 by yuez
2022-01-07 at 07:37
< report >So I just finished the anime and wanted to play the visual novels, but I have some questions. I can see people selling 2nd hand copies of the remake version, but can't find the original being sold anywhere. Though, I do see it on a certain torrent site. Just curious if anyone knows where I can actually buy it (the original).

I also heard that the remake plays like a dating sim, so I'm curious how different the story is to the anime. Whether it's in the remake or the original version, I don't see some side characters that were in the anime (Tamaru the guy that raped Misaki, Menou the original goddess, the rival idols that bullied Yuki, etc.). Are they actually in the visual novels? Or are the visual novels just a lighter-hearted version of the anime's story where you're literally just playing a dating sim (and those heavy topic characters are excluded)? How different is the original from the remake in terms of story/drama and gameplay? I couldn't care less if you spoiled the entire game.
#2 by skrublordfey
2022-01-10 at 16:08
< report >The plot of the anime is very, very different from the VN. The first half of the anime adapts a few moments from the original, albeit in different contexts, while the second half is almost entirely new. All of the characters are anime original, even Touya's father was added in the anime. It's not a far cry to say the two are different stories, with how drastically different its tone is from the original and the way said themes are conveyed.

Also, both original and remake play and are paced like a dating sim. The remake just adds a few QoL options so you won't have to rely on guides. Both are identical scriptwise, although you get a bit more freedom regarding customizing Touya in the original, being able to change his name and a few backstory bits regarding Yuki.

The remake also adds a new route for a new character, which basically acts as its own self contained story which serves as a nice optimistic addendum to the ideas of the story. The character involved is from the Sakuradan group the anime introduced and wasn't in the original (Although they might've been mentioned in Rina's route, not sure.)

The VN absolutely includes a lot of mature topics, in particular with Haruka and Yayoi. It just includes more levity to make the tragedy hit harder. Overall, I wouldn't make any judgments on the original game from the anime if I were you. The two are vastly different experiences.
#3 by yuez
2022-01-12 at 02:42
< report >Appreciate it


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