Onee-chan restoration patch

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#1 by vnboi
2022-01-10 at 02:05
< report >Does anyone have the file or someplace to download it since the one linked here doesn't seem to work?
#2 by mashimarofix
2022-01-10 at 03:46
< report >It should work if you rename it to script.noa.
Also make sure you're not launching the game using the Chinese .exe since that includes the script for some reason.
#3 by vnboi
2022-01-10 at 07:01
< report >When you say rename do you mean rename the last part of the link to script.noa cause I tried that and it didn't work.
#4 by vaclio
2022-01-10 at 07:34
< report >Misread this post nvmLast modified on 2022-01-10 at 07:40
#5 by mashimarofix
2022-01-10 at 12:44
< report >link
I guess catbox is blocked in some places. I'll update the link to the patch
#6 by vnboi
2022-01-12 at 06:36
< report >THANK YOU!!!
#7 by schger
2022-01-12 at 16:28
< report >New patch from a /vn/ anon: link
Changes academy to school and "re-adds honorifics and does what the vndb one did but more thoroughly"
#8 by mashimarofix
2022-01-12 at 16:32
< report >#7 updated the link
#9 by Mutsuki
2022-01-12 at 19:27
< report >hmm this patch says it changes academy to school, but i thought the way that eroge got around the underage thing in japan was using 学園 (academy) instead of 学校 (school)

i dunno what the original word used in this game tho
#10 by akaienkana
2022-01-16 at 14:48
< report >Going by ear they use gakuen.

The patch introduces some random line breaks in some places which causes part of the text to not show up. One fix I'd hope for the patch to do is to fix the spelling of Raikkonen to Räikkönen. As a finn, it makes me sad to see it misspelled.

e: The name appears correct later on, but text breaking up keeps happening every now and then.Last modified on 2022-01-17 at 14:20
#11 by schger
2022-01-22 at 18:16
< report >Patch from /vn/ that fixes the random line breaks: link


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