Why some H Games does not have it's own animation?

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#1 by CrazyAddicted
2022-01-10 at 08:41
< report >I find that this artwork was interesting, especially the doujin and manga, but what motivate me the most is the animation story, sadly it does not exist. It took me over a decade to discover this, by ignore the rape and 18+ images. Since it was made by Black Lilith, the same brand who made Elf Hime, which earn it's own animation.
But why is this game could not get it's own OVA?

Some animation/OVAs were not satisfying, for didn't add what was review in Hitomi galleries(Spoilers):
-Important characters(Main) who were featured in game, but absent in animation, like "Gakuen~Chijoku no Zushiki~".
-OVAs just simply skip sequels rather than follow trilogy, like Mesu Kyoushi anime(2 & 3 were missing before jump to 4)


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