Must play Dragon×Caravan

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#1 by naity
2022-01-13 at 16:24
< report >Just finished Dragon×Caravan. Much thanks to contributors of r64394.

Though it's been two years since I played original game and my memories has faded, I'm still caught and impressed by the new contents. It even had me revised my vote from 6 to 8.

Dragon×Caravan, aside from some a few extra scenarios within original story, also added a brand-new chapter—an absolute game changer. This extra 6-hours(fast) immersive playing time really completed the story.

Don't miss Dragon×Caravan if you can. Especially if you are confused and dissatisfied by original ending. Don't say you know about Majo Koi Nikki, if you haven't played Dragon×Caravan ;P


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