Regarding r86183.1

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#1 by styjoy
2022-01-14 at 09:47
< report >Regarding r86183.
I'm not sure why a separate entry should be made. Also the loc group is more like staff than a publisher.
My suggestion would be just putting a note under the Frontwing releases stating the localisation group.
#2 by anonymous
2022-01-14 at 09:58
< report >Ok, thanks for your reply.I'll do it.
#3 by anonymous
2022-01-14 at 10:02
< report >But do you know how to delete it?
#4 by styjoy
2022-01-14 at 12:23
< report >Just report to this thread link
The mods will do it.
#5 by anonymous
2022-01-14 at 12:56
< report >I just replied.


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