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#1 by NaioHoras
2022-01-22 at 09:01
< report >the game is mostly straightforward and there is even a flowchart to guide you. however, people can easily miss out how to enter the heroines' routes and start accusing the developer that they are a fucking piece of shit for not making a proper route for other heroines beside Nagisa. that's how hidden they are. I'm a lucky one since I accidentally accessed them while still halfway through the Detective route because I wanted to replay a scene lol.

basically, every route have a main heroine, but you can still end up with the other heroines as a side ending. I basically recommend finishing the main heroine for their respective route before reading heroines' side ends. interesting thing about these routes is that they are Unique Routes and the protagonist have different profession each time lol.

first route is the Detective route (Nagisa's route), and this is the only route you can play until you receive the ability to "cut" with your sword. after that, you can open "new possibilities" by clicking the sword icon, double-click, and then slash.
other heroines' route are unlocked as well. accessable by different means when you encountered the letter.

Butler route (Karin's route)
click on the empy, black area around the letter.

Swordman Route (Shino's route)
use your sword by double clicking the letter, then slash it.

Phi's route (Linja's route)
you need to wait for 5 second until the letter get shot.

Harem route
after you finished all the routes, you start from the Detective's route and click the first branch on the flowchart.Last modified on 2022-01-22 at 09:09


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