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#1 by EinTheVariance
2022-01-27 at 03:01
< report >I read through this with a friend recently and we had trouble finding the right order to read the console arcs, especially in regards to Miotsukushi, so I thought I'd put this here. In general, read from left to right, top to bottom (refer to the first screenshot on the page if you don't know what I mean). However, there are two points to make should not read Miotsukushi Omote before Miotsukushi Ura, as Omote spoils the outcome of Ura. Additionally, Miotsukushi PS2 and Miotsukushi Omote are pretty much the same. The PS2 one is the original version before Ura was written, whereas the Omote version had some changes, one or two of which are controversially nonsensical to the plotline and added scenes that reference Ura. Most appear to recommend the PS2 version over the Omote version, which I agree with as far as plot coherence go, but the Omote version does have the most "new scenes" to see. You may decide to read both, but understand that they're both largely the same story and most of the changes are superficial with the one or two changes that are significant being for the worse.

-Read in the order from left to right, top to bottom (Tarai > Tsuki > Some, etc)
-Read Miotsukushi Ura before Omote
-Choose between PS2 and Omote as they're pretty much the same story. Omote is the PS2 version that had some changes to fit Ura stuff which was added after. Choose PS2 for better plot coherence, Omote for more "new scenes", at the cost of some added nonsensical plotline.
#2 by kilicool64
2022-02-21 at 01:18
< report >Personally, I'd argue that it's best to not bother with these arcs before you're done with the main arcs. Though they were meant to be read alongside them (with the console releases of Higurashi outright forcing you to read them in order to unlock certain main arcs), they tend to get rather blatant with hints of what's to come in later main arcs.

Furthermore, I think it's for the best to read the Matsuri arcs before the Kizuna arcs. The Kizuna arcs reference each other, so it's best to read them in one go. It can be easy to lose track of various plot points that are dealt with over the course of multiple arcs if there are long breaks between them.

Assuming you want to read everything, I'd go for: Taraimawashi -> Tsukiotoshi -> Miotsukushi PS2 -> Someutsushi -> Kageboushi -> Yoigoshi -> Tokihogushi -> Connecting Fragments -> Miotsukushi Ura -> Miotsukushi Omote -> Kotohogushi

Hajisarashi's placement is irrelevant, as it's just a short joke arc with no spoilers or references beyond the main arcs.

I agree with OP that the differences between Miotsukushi PS2 and Omote are fairly minor in the grand scheme of things, with them mostly consisting of added references to Ura and a very dumb twist that causes parts of the story to no longer make sense.

I'd only recommend reading both in their entirety if you're a hardcore fan. However, once one of them has been read, it's fairly easy to access the lines exclusive to the other version. Just set skip mode to stop at unread lines and start skipping through the version you didn't read.

If that sounds like too much of a hassle and you really just want to read one of the versions, go for PS2 if you want the overall superior version or if you have no intention of reading the Kizuna arcs. Only go for Omote instead if you really want to know about the impact the events of Miotsukushi Ura have on Higurashi's main plot.Last modified on 2022-02-21 at 01:19
#3 by EinTheVariance
2022-02-21 at 20:13
< report >Oh, that's right, good point. I definitely did not touch any console arcs before finishing the main 8 chapters and I agree that it's probably best if no one does either. These console arcs are mostly side stories if you really want more content after finishing the main VN.


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