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I can't believe this is a English translation

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#1 by totallynotgar
2022-02-07 at 05:34
< report >Thank you 4chan
#2 by altonan
2022-02-07 at 10:06
< report >It's only the common route but after all these years I guess it's a start.
#3 by veshurik
2022-02-07 at 19:53
< report >Really interesting, hope this patch won't be deleted like some other patches for other VNs from 4chan
#4 by pstevo123
2022-03-20 at 11:42
< report >Celia and Common, given Celia's popularity I am not surprised at all there.
Perhaps a team might give it some more interest now that is has part of it released but who knows how long that might take
#5 by totallynotgar
2022-03-22 at 06:36
< report >Really? Just Ceilia? I feel like the whole art itself is just a dead give away... to go yup, lets translate this jousting kamige.
#6 by Tremmy
2022-03-22 at 06:38
< report >It's still a work in progress. Lisa's route is next.
#7 by Samogost
2022-03-27 at 09:41
< report >Hmm...
I don't know why, but I can't load saves with the newest patch. I did not have this problem with the previous.
#8 by suguhara
2022-03-27 at 09:48
< report >#7 the patch works only for ver 1.0, check you GameData if you have data9.pack. If you then move it to somewhere else aside GameData folder to downgrade to 1.0, then you can load normally
#9 by Samogost
2022-03-27 at 10:31
< report >Thank you! It works.
#10 by ayakashinight
2022-03-28 at 23:50
< report >mega link is dead :(
anybody here know 4chan thread?
#11 by Tremmy
2022-03-29 at 01:49
< report >Link still works fine for me. You can use this though if you need to.

#12 by lumes
2022-04-02 at 01:26
< report >Is the translation good?
#13 by lordfrivolous
2022-04-08 at 19:11
< report >I think the translation is good. Also less typos than your average MangaGamer translation.
#14 by Omikron
2022-08-28 at 09:37
< report >With the latest update, I guess only two routes remain, right? Can't wait for it to be completed. But no worries, I am a patient man.

What I want to know now is in order to read it once it has been fully translated I still need to buy the Japanese version or is there any other way to read it in English then without having to buy it? My card doesn't seem to be accepted, as it is a MasterCard.. *sighLast modified on 2022-08-28 at 09:38
#15 by serzh
2022-08-29 at 19:21
< report >I wait for the full translation. Thanks!
#16 by totallynotgar
2022-09-02 at 21:39
< report >#14

Wait wut the shit there's only 2 routes left to be translated? 4chan is so base
#17 by SomeDude
2022-09-02 at 23:56
< report >I hope they don't stop once they've completed the base game, and go on to translate the More & More expansion. But first thing is finishing the game! Very few fan translations actually finish all routes, and I'd really like to play through this in its entirety, in a language I can read.
#18 by altonan
2022-09-03 at 02:11
< report >@17 Seconded, I hope they'll translate the fandisks as well. The more Celia in this world, the better.
#19 by Omikron
2022-09-03 at 06:06
< report >#16
Yeah, from what I could gather only 2 routes remain at this point.

I got you. But how do you plan on reading it once it's fully translated?

Same! Hopefully all FDs will be translated too.
#20 by SomeDude
2022-09-03 at 07:07
< report >#19 I can only answer your question by directing you here.
#21 by Omikron
2022-09-03 at 07:11
< report >That got me confused. I am not planning on doing anything illegal nor discussing the likes of it.
Still, that link didn't really answer my answer.. :-S Sorry..
#22 by SomeDude
2022-09-03 at 07:44
< report >Essentially, in order to obtain and play the game legally and in English, you have to buy the Japanese version from a licensed vendor, and then apply the fan patch to it in order to get it to work in English. That's basically what that link is saying.

This page has a link to Ricotta's official site, which is typically a good place to go if you're looking to buy the game.Last modified on 2022-09-03 at 07:48
#23 by Omikron
2022-09-03 at 08:44
< report >Thanks for all the input. But as I stated in another thread before, I don't own PayPal nor a credit card their store front accepts. So it seems my possibilities are rather limited if not completely exhausted...
#24 by Ileca
2022-09-03 at 13:11
< report >Common strategy is to pay a service that will buy for you on those stores and forward the package to you. Getchu has Walkure Romanze.
#25 by Omikron
2022-09-03 at 17:08
< report >That is entirely new to me, never heard of that before.
What is Getchu?