A way to exclude from search list western titles

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#1 by faelion
2022-03-05 at 01:42
< report >Hi guys, I have been using VNDB for more than a decade now (thank you VNDB creator) and I love it, but for the last couple of years the search list for monthly new VN has been filled with western titles that honestly aren't my thing, and lately its been too much... Is there a way to filter them out?
#2 by pongcat
2022-03-05 at 01:51
< report >No way to do that in the homepage as far as I can tell, but as an alternative, perhaps you could try bookmarking a filtered search like this one?
#3 by Draconyan
2022-03-05 at 01:52
< report >You can use the "Orig language" filter to only include Japanese VNs or to exclude English ones.
#4 by faelion
2022-03-05 at 01:55
< report >That's a good idea, both of you. Thank you.
#5 by Draconyan
2022-03-05 at 01:57
< report >@2 If you set a default filter for releases, it will affect what you see in the homepage's Upcoming Releases/Just Released boxes.
#6 by faelion
2022-03-05 at 02:01
< report >I'll experiment on it, thank you.
#7 by danraku
2022-03-05 at 05:25
< report >This would be a fantastic usability feature to have as a site-global checkbox in the user preferences. The filtering method mentioned is serviceable but it does feel like a workaround required for sane defaults.

I don't wanna start flame wars but it would be equally frustrating if I had to dodge Disney and Pixar titles left and right while browsing myanimelist - just seems like a different category entirely and to be blunt, a UX distraction.
#8 by butterflygrrl
2022-03-05 at 12:30
< report >It's a little too blunt to push sitewide IMO, especially as some Western games are extremely similar to JVNs and some are wildly, wildly not.

Wanting to exclude, say, the entire "3D Poser Porn Made On Patreon" genre, which is extremely distinct from normal VNs and has way too many incremental releases that are cluttering up the feeds, feels very different from "I don't care if it looks and sounds in every way identical to a JVN, it's not made by a Real Japanese so it doesn't belong" as a site global.
#9 by faelion
2022-03-05 at 16:09
< report >@butterflygrrl. At least for me is not just the pictures or the sounds, it's the story writing and culture as well. Like the relations between the characters. To put an example: San, kun, senpai, etc... It's not enough to just say it, you need to feel that the characters are at that distance. Even "Doki Doki Literature Club" for me is very western in that regard.

But that's just my opinion though, I'm quite satisfied with the suggestions presented already.
#10 by Ileca
2022-03-05 at 20:30
< report >>San, kun, senpai, you need to feel the distance
Bip... bip bip bipbipbibibibibibibiBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
Uh oh, my Weeb Detector just found something BIG. Nestor, gimme the net!
#11 by danraku
2022-03-06 at 02:51
< report >> "I don't care if it looks and sounds in every way identical to a JVN, it's not made by a Real Japanese so it doesn't belong" (...)

For the few outliers out there that probably do exist and have just flown under my radar, sure. It just doesn't seem to be the case at all for the vast majority, even if they were to try and emulate the feel. If this were the IFDB I could understand wanting to catalogue a larger umbrella of things.Last modified on 2022-03-06 at 02:51
#12 by Marc402
2022-03-06 at 05:53
< report >Many people read visual novels for Japanese culture and atmosphere that is hard to replicate for non-natives. Certain types of content such as furry stuff is also a lot more common on the western side and these may not be everyone's cup of tea. It is not at all unreasonable to want to exclude these VNs for those looking for an authentic experience without any risks. And I agree with #11, there are lots of itchio VNs that feel completely different from Japanese VNs and this isn't only restricted to the realistic graphics 3d stuff.

I do agree that the current filters are already good enough, but having a more prominent option in the user settings wouldn't be too unusual for a site that is heavily focused on Japanese content. Most anime sites also allow only CJK anime, so this isn't anything unprecedented either.Last modified on 2022-03-06 at 05:58
#13 by faelion
2022-03-07 at 02:10
< report >#12 Marc, you nailed it, It's not like I'm against furries though, to everyone their own, but basically from the act of removing your shoes before entering a house or to the awkwardness between characters in "The Garden of Words" you can feel the Japanese culture which is very interesting and the reason I'm here in the first place.

#10 Ileca. I do not consider myself a weeaboo, I like Japanese culture but it's not like I think is the best in the world, it has many flaws. But I do come here expecting to watch or read Japanese culture, I find it really interesting after all. On your part though, if you are an anti weeaboo or something, I find it really strange for you to be in this place. VN's are quite deep in the otaku rabbit hole.
#14 by lucumo
2022-03-07 at 13:01
< report >I had the same issue several years ago and was told to set the original language to "Japanese" and use it as a default filter, so exactly like Draconyan said. Naturally, I do support it being a proper settings option, instead of being confined to the filter menu itself.
#15 by shukumeiteki1
2022-03-07 at 22:54
< report >link <--------- only japanese games (you can exclude japanese with english releases too or basically whatever you want the new search function is very robust although it takes a while to figure out the more complex stuff)

link <------- for new monthly releases, just tick on the right top corner the show-non japanese releases or not (you can excluded other languages)Last modified on 2022-03-07 at 22:55
#16 by faelion
2022-03-10 at 03:58
< report >@shukumeiteki1 didn't know that page existed, thanks!


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