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#1 by trentsignia
2022-03-11 at 12:36
< report >Hey there, need some input on a recent revision I made, s1251.11. the TL;DR is that although the alias PANDA has been linked to Nakayama Yuki up till now, they're different people and need to be separated out.

I renamed PANDA's staff entry by changing the primary name from Nakayama to his real name, Yoshitani- but it now means that every one of Nakayama's credits now displays under Yoshitani's name, which is obviously inaccurate. From what I can tell, fixing this means going through every single visual novel entry to redirect every credit currently displayed as Yoshitani Izuho to a new staff entry page for Nakayama (which I've created here: Nakayama Yuki), but I realise now that this is a pretty big undertaking to make without consultation.

Does anyone have any advice/help on this? I'm pretty new to this site, so I'm not entirely sure on how things work around here.
#2 by Jazz957
2022-03-11 at 16:52
< report >Who's to say Nakayama Yuki is not another alias?Last modified on 2022-03-11 at 16:53
#3 by Ileca
2022-03-11 at 20:34
< report >I find quite ironic that you dismiss a source from Panda House's staff diary... by using a moderately known guy on twiter like he is the Bible. He says he is an historian, does that mean he has a diploma or is he one of those self-proclaimed historians who think surfing on the web is good enough as an historical method? Coz that's not being an historian.
You might be right, but I think it's pretty plausible that this is not a joke, because if it is... it is not really funny. I am more convinced atm that they skipped Nakayama Yuki because they are Panda for real. I ctrl+F the diary until 2001 and didn't find any occurrence for なかやま.
On the other hand, it could be bullshit for x reason (e.g. Yuki doesn't want to write in the diary). Yuki is a strange alias for a man. And I also don't see the logic between those two "aliases" as Panda is credited as producer three times.

So, instead of making any change that will be reversed, I suggest you to start by trying to convince us you are right about Nakayama Yuki not being Panda. Even your "source" is not saying that Nakayama Yuki is not a second alias.
#4 by Jazz957
2022-03-11 at 22:12
< report >Supposedly PANDA actually personally told Hally he composed on it (plus Hally was in charge of mastering on D4 Enterprise's soundtrack), and also another Konami game. Plus he's credited as sound programmer on an Asterix arcade game from Konami.Last modified on 2022-03-11 at 22:18
#5 by Ileca
2022-03-11 at 22:31
< report >I don't follow. Composed what?
Panda being 吉谷厳穂 is not the problem here tho a source would be good too. I think the link is credited in Nova > link. Can't find the ED on yutube. Maybe it's one of those games where the staff is credited at the beginning. Can't check currently.
#6 by Jazz957
2022-03-11 at 22:38
< report >The game hally mentioned in the tweet, Lagrange Point. Sorry, I should have been more clear.
#7 by Ezezin
2022-03-12 at 01:12
< report >Searching in VGMdb gives me this; Panda and 吉谷厳穂 used as alias of PANDA.Last modified on 2022-03-12 at 01:43
#8 by trentsignia
2022-03-12 at 15:16
< report >Fair enough on Nakayama Yuki remaining as an alias, it is hard to argue that the source is anything other than PANDA saying he's Nakayama Yuki regardless of interpretation. I think the way Ezezin set up the page is a fair compromise until there's any additional information on this.

And regarding the reliability of hally as a source, I don't think I can explain it any better than what reading up on him further would tell you- he is assuredly not the sort whose research begins and ends on the internet. For what it's worth, he also published this information in the book ゲーム音楽ディスクガイド Diggin' In The Discs (link).

When I reached out to him asking where he knew this information from, he told me about hearing it directly from PANDA as mentioned (and that he planned to follow up on the topic with Takami Ryuu in the near future).
#9 by Ileca
2022-03-15 at 11:18
< report >Sorry but I can't confirm that Panda=吉谷厳穂. No Yoshitani Izuho in Nova. Credits are not even in Japanese.


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