Looking for a similar game but slightly different.

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#1 by tabasaki
2022-03-18 at 23:15
< report >Spoiler warning of course

Something with more of a D/s style to it, preferably in English but I can use MTL if I have to. It wouldn't be the first time.

Anyway, I like how this game felt, the way the wife broke, the speed at which it happened and how it was executed, but I kinda wished that Danny was more possessive and controlling of Akie than he was in the game. A bit more of a Master slave feel.

Can someone recommend a game with a similar vibe but that is more D/s?

I've played both this one and Boku Mama x Tomo Mama Koukan Hameppu Life ~Bosei Afureru Bokura no Kyonyuu Mama-tachi wa Haitoku ni Mimodae Nagara Amaenbou o Musabori Aegu~ from Anim and thought both would be way better with a few collars and leashes and even more mental domination (either moral degeneraton or mind break, but not mind control and only light on corruption, if any).

I like a game that has a decent amount of time where the woman is changed into finally submitting, and then also has a decent number of scenes after she's submitted. I equate it to teasing and being rewarded.

I would prefer the same setting, so modern day with no real fantastical magic or abilities, but implausible settings like in Ochiru Hitozuma (one of my favorite games) are fine.

I like the woman being a housewife or other milf of some kind but I don't have any preference on the man other than the fact that ugly bastard is a slight turnoff for me. As you can probably guess I prefer shota but there aren't many games like that and I've played them all anyway lol.

I'd prefer only a single male as the aggressor for the intimacy (even with mind break sexual slavery, it's still more intimate). Generally a single woman means more development, but harems are fine.

Despite it being one of the hallmarks of Anim, I'm actually not big on the NTR aspect. I think it makes the game darker, which is good, but I like more how the woman was broken down in this one rather than how the guy feels. Definitely low on the priority list.

I'm sure there's a ton of games with what I'm wanting but I want to hear what some others have to say. If anyone has a favorite of theirs they want to drop in here, please do!

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#2 by ganiga504
2022-11-22 at 01:30
< report >Dont know about you, but I like my eroge sex to be passionate. The raw energy that I want, that I need are all in recent Heantei and Pork Studio. I very like Okonomiyaki Obasan and Tsuma Haha. Very full of kissing scenes which promotes romance and passionate love making. Not NTR but Netori, so its not dark per se.


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