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Help me with Rio1.arc unpack and repack issues

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#1 by dublover
2022-03-23 at 11:36
< report >Hello there, I have problem to unpack and repack engine file called arc in visual novel called Adventure of the lifetime link. I hope someone can solved my problem. Oh ya, I want to make fan translate of my native language for this game.
#2 by tester
2022-03-23 at 18:05
< report >Did not work with that engine exactly (or worked but knew it by another name), so cannot name the tool right away, but, firstly, you may try tools in the articles of mine for technical issues of visual novels.

I have no thorough article for this engine (alas, I have wrote them only for Silky Engine, codeX RScript, SLG System and Stuff script), but my other articles/catalogues contain great amount of other data.

These are two series -- Extraction Scripts from Visual Novels and Data Extraction from Visual Novels. Despite the name, they often (not always) contain data about repack too. Alas, Russian only, but I have no time to translate them now.
#3 by dublover
2022-03-26 at 03:05
< report >Oh thank you and I want to inform that, it work just I had to do it by manual. Nevermind, as long it works.
#4 by tester
2022-03-27 at 17:19
< report >Hm, okay. Which manual, by the way? Seems I don't know about it.
#5 by dublover
2022-03-31 at 04:44
< report >By using code table to coding every debris phrase by convert it into readable phrase and repack it back. It mean, I have to manually coding every letterbet to become readable. The same method I use for translated PSP games.Last modified on 2022-03-31 at 04:48
#6 by tester
2022-04-01 at 08:09
< report >Got it.


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