VN Game/Scripting Engines Tags/Traits

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#1 by pr0dukt
2022-04-05 at 02:00
< report >If I'm just blind, and it's already possible to distinguish which of the various Graphical Interpertrator Engines/System Frameworks that specific VNs or Series of VNs run on, then disregard this.

However, if not. I definitely feel it would be a practical bit of information to have included to the database entries, given how many Engine variations there are and will continue to be as they continue to evolve.

For example, being able to filter searches down to just VNs that Utilize the Kirikiroid2, NScripter or RenPy engines would be useful for various reasons. Especially when in relation to using translation tools with them for people trying to localize various projects.

Again, if this exists already and I'm just not seeing it, then feel free to disregard the suggestion.

#2 by Jazz957
2022-04-05 at 02:22
< report >The engines are listed in the releases.


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