I hate the Imbecile who wrote the script for this

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#1 by fhc
2022-04-09 at 23:35
< report >SPOILER

I hate the Imbecile who wrote the script for this game!

I was fascinated by teacher Narusawa, I started playing this game hoping to win her over, to make such a serious and rigid teacher fall in love with me so what? what happens?

During the whole game my interaction with her is very little, and at one point Sawako says that she needed to make sex to be more feminine to become a better teacher, and do you know what teacher Narusawa does? asks me (the protagonist) to have sex with her, simple as that. There was no conquest, love, romance, nothing. Just stupid, pointless sex. I gave up playing after the first sex scene. I wasted 6 hours of my life playing this crap.

Sometimes I even think about giving up on eroge, it's a lot of disappointment in every game I try.

I SO wanted to see a real love story between a strict and serious teacher with her student (or former student) but a real love story, not just casual pointless sex without love.Last modified on 2022-04-09 at 23:37
#2 by nicksky
2022-05-11 at 13:11
< report >try this game link Although seems like just a nukige (and it is haha) is a pretty cool one and has surprisingly much romance. Has only one female teacher heroine and she's not strict but if you're interested... the other three routes are pretty cool too and incredibly romantic for to be with married women lol. Sorry for my english
#3 by nicksky
2022-05-11 at 13:12
< report >and thanks for saving me the time to play this game. I was going to play it just for the heroine you talked about
#4 by fhc
2022-05-11 at 14:26
< report >Thank you very much, nicksky, I will play the game recommended by you.


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