VNDB inaccessible from latest version of Firefox

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#1 by adamstan
2022-04-11 at 07:43
< report >After recent Firefox update I'm unable to access vndb - I get error message:
In the update description they say something about implementing stricter security measures...
I tried deleting cookies and clearing browser cache, but no effect.

When using Chrome (on the very same desktop system) the page loads without any problems.Last modified on 2022-04-11 at 07:44
#2 by Yorhel
2022-04-11 at 08:04
< report >Hmm, looks like nginx doesn't reload properly when the OCSP response is updated. It should work again now, let's see if I can make sure it keeps working.
#3 by adamstan
2022-04-11 at 13:44
< report >Yeah, it works fine, at least for now ;) Thanks :)
#4 by pstevo123
2022-04-15 at 05:12
< report >Have a ton of websites getting this message since the update,
What I did was disable "Query OCSP responder" which can be found in the Privacy tab of settings. Seems to do the trick and also worked here as well before changes were made.


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