Favorite route in the new remake?

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#1 by JayTee
2022-04-18 at 18:30
< report >Natsuko I felt was the best but I'd love to hear who you guys loved.
#2 by nicksky
2022-04-18 at 20:42
< report >I like them all the same except Kaori lol. And not because she is a prostitute, but because of her one of last scenes where SPOILER (I don't know how to put spoilers in hidden xd) she was cheating on you beyond her job lol. She wasn't sleeping with the guy because he was a client but because she was seeing him as something else. Doing that removed any trust I had in she lol.
#3 by coronmira
2022-04-25 at 19:19
< report >Misa best no contest
#4 by anomi
2022-04-30 at 18:02
< report >Natsuko is the best route wise. Misa has the most "???" Ending. I liked misa more, but that ending sucks.
#5 by kusaja
2022-05-01 at 00:38
< report >IIRC, Misa's ending is like that because she is the only girl who appears in the sequel game.
#6 by anomi
2022-05-01 at 17:44
< report >in Shiravune's discord somebody said that they made Misa appeared in the second game because she's the players favorite character and to fix their mistake of making that ending. I don't know if it's true tho, but they're still sucks and I really wish they remake the second game. They have to >:'(
#7 by playcool92
2022-05-09 at 22:54
< report >Misa was the best, there are a few others lovable too, but first, calling it "route" feels like an insult, it is too damm short, understandable since this is based on a 1992 game, but still flaws will be flaws, game would have been TOPs if there were only 4-6 girls at best, and each had actually specific routes going for her.

That would go against the structure the game goes for, but it just feels like a waste.

Misa getting a few hours of developing her romance would have been dope, she is like the cutest girl, the art does her wonders for sure, but her personality too~~
Usually, I m not that much into the trait of running girls, but she was IMO the girl with best chemistry with the MC, and her sex scene was adorable! But that ending, out of context, seeing solely the pics, makes one fear her epilogue (this game really needs the sequel to be remade aswell, I want more of her).

Other girls I loved tons (the order represents the ranking):
- Mai, she was the kinda safe approach, but done well, very cute design reminds me of Tohru from Fruits Basket, her personality was really enjoyable because I just enjoyed how she slowly started to tease the MC (her epilogue was interested but left me wanting more);
- Kurumi was a major surprise, her initial traits make her go under the radar, but slowly her art made me love her freckles, and she becomes really adorable when she starts to grow closer to the MC, and after the sex scene (HOT), she became such a tease, irresistible growing more dominating by day, bad for my poor heart, besides that, her hairstyle in the epilogue, ADORABLE;
- Kaori was a nice spin among the other girls, refreshing;
- Chiharu showed lots of potentials, then I lost a bit of interest in her, but her epilogue was adorable too;
- Ako started rather strong but she lost me a bit with that old styled logic of marriage, still, her 18+ was among the hottest;

- Miho should have been rocking that hairstyle, long hair, from the epilogue, the whole time, wasted potential, besides no 18+;
- Natsuko was for up for the most part, one of those I less enjoyed, then came her barrage of CGs on the pool, lengthy scenes of foreplaying between both and by the end of one the most erotic scenes, and that epilogue was a tease, so nice surprise by the end (but the way her boobs look when in clothing is rather unnatural and weird);
- Hiromi, she was actually a favorite, up until she fucks the MC, then cames up with that retarded logic to go away, what a WASTE, but at least she got long hair by the epilogue;
- Maku, as a teacher she was kinda cool, as a romantic partner, sucks (Ako is by far the better sister);
- Reiko, meh character, was the first 18+, my shock when I realized the 18+ lasted only a couple of seconds nad that the foreplay would make 80% of the act, still her epilogue actually got me emotional, seeing the MC dying like that from old age, sad;
- Satomi, could never really care for her much, she felt just bland and lacking chemistry as a romantic partner, her hairstyle doesn't make it any better;
- Sensei, one of the more annoying characters, her design is ugly, and I already disliked how most big breasted females looked like (unnatural) in the game, thankfully with clothes off, the DESIGN got tons better;
- Yayoi, my far the most retarded "route", and it was hard to get to her scene, besides the epilogue felt kinda off, her personality was the problem certainly not the looks;

Ended up enjoying this game more than I thought, besides I loved Elf's classic's remake, YU-NO, so I was immediately interested, especially after seeing the art quality.
I think that if taken out of the VN, and put in a game, with at least 5-8 hours for each, if done for my favorite 3-5 girls, that would create romcom VN that I would rate rather high, something you can say is that each girl felt different, which was good, but some had tons going for them, so it is natural to want to see it more expanded.Last modified on 2022-05-09 at 23:01
#8 by mozsca
2022-05-10 at 00:33
< report >Unfortunately, Misa breaks up with this protagonist and ends up with the other one, kinda ruined it for me.Last modified on 2022-05-10 at 00:35
#9 by zekken10
2022-05-12 at 17:49
< report >Wait are you freaking serious??
#10 by nicksky
2022-05-13 at 15:07
< report >Probably in 2 she never went out with the protagonist of 1 or if she did, he cheated on her or she found him with another woman during the game lol. So I don't think she will leave him for the new mc.
#11 by nicksky
2022-05-13 at 15:11
< report >Although with hiruta (writer of these two games and most of the emblematic elf games) one can never know xD. In kakyuusei 2, the main heroine and childhood friend has a playboy boyfriend...and the game is one with a 'pure love' story xD. And although he was not the one who supposedly wrote it, there is the theory that for that game he changed his name and that the person who wrote it did not do more work, confirms it even more xD. So I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't care if he cucked the main character from 1 with the one from 2 xD


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