Do you see the manga version ?

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#1 by testerjkljkgh
2022-05-10 at 20:15
< report >I just see the colored manga version by taki minashika, but didn't understand the texts since it's japanese (im using my phone google translate camera to understand the texts).

my question is the story in manga become NTR ?

i mean if you see

SISTERS ~Kakusareta Kioku~ ACT.12 AKIKO Ⅵ
SISTERS ~Kakusareta Kioku~ ACT.11 AKIKO V
SISTERS ~Kakusareta Kioku~ ACT.10 AKIKO Ⅳ
SISTERS ~Kakusareta Kioku~ ACT.8.5 page 6 (textless)

there's you see different hairstyle, all heroine has sex with different man than protagonist from the game


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