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Format display options for My list?

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#1 by cillywillyboy
2022-05-12 at 00:09
< report >I'd really love to be able to choose the format for display when looking trough my VN lists like we have for browsing. Right now, we are locked in to have lists shown in Rows but I very much would like to have my wishlist shown in Cards or Grid when I'm picking out what VN to read next.
#2 by cubky
2022-05-12 at 04:50
< report >You can achieve that with vndb extender before it gets implemented directly.
#3 by Marc402
2022-05-12 at 06:50
< report >Go to the browse visual novels page, click on the plus sign, select the 'My Labels' filter, select Wishlist and then choose grid view in the display options.
#4 by cillywillyboy
2022-05-12 at 08:27
< report >#2
Does this work for you? I tried installing it, but I am unable to use it and only get a greyed out button on my extensions. Considering it hasn't been updated in 4 years, I am assuming its not compatible anymore.

That is sort of a workaround but it groups all your labels together, so it not only shows wishlist but also every VN you ever voted on, finished already, blacklisted etc. Its not very useful, sadly .Last modified on 2022-05-12 at 08:35
#5 by cubky
2022-05-12 at 08:37
< report >#4 You likely have some really old version, try: link
#6 by Marc402
2022-05-12 at 08:52
< report >You're probably using the 'My List' option. Use the 'My Labels' option instead and select only wishlist. It should look like this link
#7 by cillywillyboy
2022-05-12 at 08:56
< report >#5
Thanks. This is pretty cool but now I get rate limited whenever I try to go to browse.

Yeah this works like a charm. I'l just make a bookmark for this. Thanks.
Only tiny caveat is that you can't sort the list by date of when you added the VN but its almost meaningless.Last modified on 2022-05-12 at 09:07


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