this is the best visual novel of the last 5 years

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#1 by snowwhite
2022-05-13 at 02:30
< report >there are elements that I've always wanted to see in a VN, for a long time. Sakura Rein's route is the best route I've read in the entire medium. It surprised me enough to become my 4th favorite VN.
I'm surprised, toneworks.

also, I noticed that the writer of Tsukikana's best route is the same writer who, by popular vote, wrote the best route for Hoshi Ori and the best route for Ginharu. I wonder what would become of Tsukikana if this legend were the solo writer for the VN. His name is Shiraya Tatsuki.
I say this because, honestly, as much as I found Touka's route amazing, it could be better, much better than it really is. I had some problems, so I don't consider a perfect VN. On the other hand, Rein's route was really flawless. Again, best route I've ever read.

It's a story almost completely different from anything they've ever done. I wonder what the future of this developer will be. I hope more amazing themes related to nature will come, and that it will bring good messages as it always has. Tsukikana mixes science and mysticism, romance with sci-fi, and beautiful drama behind it all. The central heroine idea was also great, too bad the writer wasn't Tatsuki for Touka's route, but at least his work on making Rein's route existed.

"The summer days ended full of regrets.

Looking up to the sky I wish I could turn back time.

She was more whimsical, mysterious and beautiful than anyone else."

"...There is only possibility in this world. There is no space, no time, no past, no future.
Behind the world we see, there is a vague profoundness that can be called the cosmic proto-consciousness.
And our soul comes from there and returns there...""Last modified on 2022-05-13 at 02:58
#2 by arisato1508
2022-05-13 at 06:47
< report >Honestly, this wouldn't make the top 20 of the last 5 years (top 50, may be?)
It's not even the best in 2019 objectively.
#3 by Ileca
2022-05-13 at 07:44
< report >Well said. It's #16 of 2019 by popularity (#7 with Bayesian).
Even I nod in agreement with AI: The Somnium Files being #1 of 2019 (by popularity).
#4 by kiru
2022-05-13 at 09:28
< report >Always depends on what you want. I couldn't even make it past common of HoshiOri. Others love it. Tonework stuff is super polarizing.
#5 by BornToSuffer
2022-05-13 at 09:36
< report >i really loved both HoshiOri and Gin'iro Haruka so much , both of them are top tier pure love stories in my opinion
i'm just so skeptical about this one because i heard it have so much drama , also because of Kirari ...
#6 by Cenri
2022-05-13 at 09:36
< report >#2 Damn, 2019 was a really good year (sakumoyu, musicus and nukitashi 2)
#7 by arisato1508
2022-05-16 at 02:54
< report >#6 We really did ate well in 2019, Sorceress * Alive and Ryuusei were also my personal favourites in that year. If you include god-tier titles after 2019 likes Rupekari, henpri, Wagahime, Hakuchuumu then, the chance of Tsukikana making it into the most memorable titles of the last 5 years, is quite slim.
#8 by Mrkew
2022-05-16 at 06:51
< report >Let's not include Wagahime in that particular list.


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